Mind Blown.

Because like I’ve mentioned I’m really into neuroeconomics.

On Sunday I managed to catch the tail end of The Moth Radio Hour which included Ari Handel (while I was listening I didn’t actually catch his name…) talking about his days as a neuroscientist in the lab, working with monkeys – mostly one named Santiago. His story was definitely more storytelling than any concrete science but it was just a reminder that neuroscientists are eeeeverywhere I turn these dayz. Btw Ari Handel is a filmmaker these days mostly known for producing/writing Noah, Black Swan, and The Fountain. I mean HELLO. This guy knows what’s up.

And for a very mind-blowing TED Talk that reminded me about just how little our physical bodies mean, Miguel Nicolelis discusses brain research conducted with monkeys that can control robots on the other side of the world. Yeah, forreal.

It’s becoming increasingly frightening this thought that free will is just an illusion and that neurons work independently of the body so to speak. Neurons are capable of controlling more than just the body physically connected to the neurons in our brain. Anything that can interpret┬áneuronal information can act as our body. We are not limited to just these here breakable limbs.

Btw: I’m looking into graduate programs.

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