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“This life is the only one we’ll ever know. Why not make it everything you want it to be?”

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Wang Leehom is a cutie that is familiar to me from one of my favorite films: Lust, Caution. His musical career, although known to me is largely unfamiliar. But this video is so lovely. It brings to mind fate, living very aware, parallel universes, free will, hard work and determination, multiple lives, etc. It’s short and sweet but really very profound. One must aim to live the best sort of life. I aim to live with an awareness of the effects of my decisions and I’m trying so very hard to eliminate the excess. YOLO. Lmao.

This video reminds me of two movies: Once and Begin Again, coincidentally by the same writer-director John Carney. I saw Once a few months back and just recently saw Begin Again in theaters. I’ll be seeing Once the musical next week! 🙂

Both Once and Begin Again tell a similar story of people coming closer together through music. Music inspires so much love in my heart so I relate in that way, even if I don’t exactly aspire to fall in love with someone through music.

YouTube Direct


YouTube Direct

Begin Again

Dreamy sigh. I love music and movies and beautiful things.

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