Nothing makes me feel better than a complete monopolization of my time. Or scheduling. And planning. And making all my time accounted for with an activity. It’s amazing to me how if any amount of time is unplanned it literally goes to waste… and I end up just browsing the internet or sitting around doing nothing.

But there are always so many things to do, or that I should be doing…

I even have to schedule naps… and trust me, even though I fall asleep rather quickly and easily when something like REST is running on a time crunch… every minuteĀ counts. If I don’t schedule my naps, I don’t get the rest I need. Then begins a horrible cycle of exhaustion and zombiefication.


My nap yesterday lasted about half the intended length and my plans completely changed – but for the better! šŸ™‚ Instead of nap & barre class I headed to a fancy dinner at Nick + Stef’s with my friend rather impromptu-like. Pretty sure the waiters thought we were on a date. I told my friend to undo some buttons to look a little more flamboyant… though he’s fairly masculine. After dinner we had a very funny incident at the movie theater but managed to watch the new Planet of the Apes film just in the nick of time!

Having the flexibility to nix all the plansĀ and just go with the flow comes in handy, but if no magical plans materialize out of thin air, it’s crunch time.

Today will be hard, though. I already just feel like taking a nap and slipping on some comfy socks and maybe watching some mindless TV… but then it’s so easy to say that about every day and then let the fitness die out, let the book club selection go unread… etc.

Speaking of book club, I have to get through half the novel by this weekend and I am only about a quarter of the way through the whole novel…

This weekend I’ll also be spending time at the W Hotel in Hollywood immediately after work… through Sunday. On Saturday night I’ll get to see Once the musical! šŸ™‚ I’m pretty excited.

Despite all the upcoming fun I just feel this heavy weight of stress from work… no matter how much I try to be nice and friendly and keep on a tight faux smile it’s like pulling teeth being here. I can’t even fit in a massage (some sort of release) until next week Friday. Ughhhh… :\


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