MonthAugust 2014


I’m almost going on vacation…!! My brain has unfortunately really deteriorated into vacation mode a little ahead of schedule. I’m so ready for a few days off, no paperwork, and just ready for that extreme mental focus.

This long weekend is just the ticket to tide me over until the middle of September…

In the mean time I’ve been applying like a mad woman to part-time jobs… crazy, crazy, I  know!! Where will I find the time/THE ENERGY?! Mainly I’m concerned about the energy because waking up (or attempting to) in the 4 o’clock hour and working through until the evening time is like… wild times.

But then I realized I’ve worked two jobs twice before… I guess it didn’t really occur to me that it’s something I’ve done before until I was looking at my resume. So if I’ve done it before, I can totally do it again. The only difference is I’m older now ahahaha… and my energy totally isn’t what it should be for a 25 year old.

But anyway, I had my first interview yesterday- it took 2 hours, interviewed with 3 people… and I snagged the next interview with the CEO… all for a part-time position. Snap, dawg. Employment is ruff going these days. But I think it might be a good fit. Only “downside” is that the store is in downtown LA.

I feel like I drive through all of LA most days of the week. Definitely not cost efficient. But… that’s what it is!

My classes are in Long Beach, my job is south of downtown, and I live in the residential area semi-sorta in between both of these locations. The store manager I interviewed with yesterday actually lives in Long Beach near where my exercise classes are so she does the commute, too (that’s definitely 50 miles round trip)! In terms of living costs LBC is pretty much perfect and there is always a lot going on there. If it were up to me, everything should be located in LBC and then I’d never have to leave it or drive very far.

I’m still trying out different barre studios. In the next two months I’ll be trying out Pop Physique and En Pointe. Then afterward, depending on if I get the position in downtown LA, I’ll switch to barre classes at The Main Barre…

Will I even survive?! Somehow I’m going to need to find the energy for all this…

Sometimes I look at my calendar and I see how long my day is and I wonder how will I possibly complete all of this? But once something is on my calendar I turn myself into a self-fulfilling prophecy and follow-through. Then I somehow stumble into my very comfy and cozy bed… that by the time I wake up the next day yesterday seems like more than one day… if that makes any sense.

I haven’t read a single page in any book for about two weeks now. And I haven’t meditated for almost as long, too…

I need to refocus and find time management again…

This and That

Just a recapitulation of my week.

Been going to The Bar Method almost every day, making it work with all other plans such as friendly hangs and etc. My waist has definitely lost a few inches! Hurrah~ Sometimes I feel like a total chubster squeezed into a small body. Ahahaha… but a little toning will fix me right up. ~The endless battle~ of genetic disposition and my healthy lifestyle. Blargh!

So far this week I’ve seen The Giver and The Hundred-Foot Journey. The latter was amazing and lovely and it made me immediately want to cook up this vegan Indian dish: tikka masala w/ a chicken-substitute. I actually have plans to cook this sometime next week. I cannot wait.

This week I made an alright vegan taco mix with my own vegan sour cream (that tastes exactly like!). I’m still nom-ing my way through that… the struggle of cooking for one is that really one recipe can feed me for an entire week even though I’m itching to cook new things!

Anyway, today I’ll be getting a massage to help my seriously ailing limbs… I swear now I’m 25 my body feels like it’s falling apart or I’m doing too much cross-training or… I don’t know. Things that were not cracking before are cracking and aching and yikes… I’m getting old.

After the massage I’ll be slipping into the movie theater to watch Another Me. I don’t expect it to be a particularly fantastic film but I’m curious to see Sophie Turner (of Game of Thrones fame) act in a more modern role. Plus it’s playing just around the corner from home.

Speaking of home – J’ai fini furnishing my dining room, kitchen, and living room save for some missing artwork on the walls but that can most definitely wait. Now my very neglected bedroom can get some work done. I’ve been sleeping with two warm blankets for the past two months… because my two comforters were tearing after years of use. So I threw them out! No need for clutter. A few days ago I ordered a linen duvet cover from Matteo Los Angeles! A few of their items are on sale so I think the time to strike was now. And then yesterday after work I stopped by Costco and picked up the cutest and most perfect 32″ HDTV for my bedroom at practically a steal. It’s 1080p and 120hz so I think I’m good! Really the only thing missing in my bedroom now is a desk. Then… then… down the road, maybe next year… art work!! 🙂 Though I already have collected a few meaningful pieces, but after my bedroom furniture is arranged in its final locations I’ll hang it up.

This weekend I’ll be playing my new board game Settlers of Catan with my family and then going to Santa Anita to listen to the California Philharmonic perform “Broadway & Bolero” featuring songs from Evita, Chicago, Cats, and much more. Eee!

On Sunday we’ll be celebrating my aunt’s birthday and then in the evening I’m going to another concert, at Downtown Disney, to see a few bands I’ve never heard of but my friend invited and it sounds like fun!

A couple more concerts next week, too… 🙂

I’ve been listening to the Soil & the Sun for a few days now… and I have to say that their third album/debut studio album “Meridian” sounds like floating on clouds on your ascension to heaven. Like forreal. But they classify their music as experimental folk rock if in case my description is no good. 🙂

Work is slow-ish today but it’s Friday which only means it’ll be much busier for me in a few hours.


Well… I seem to be a lot more balanced as of late. Hence the lack of posting. I’ve been much too busy enjoying life to write anything.

This weekend was fantastic – enjoyed a little breakfast for dinner celebration with friends at my place. There were bagels, eggs, mimosas, even beer… that’s a thing right? and grapes, and chips. And naturally, there was a bit of time for board games. That’s how we do.

Yesterday I went to go buy some games at The Guild House with two friends.

And we’re hanging out today to discuss our current book, too.

So basically: I’m being semi-social again. Good stuff.

I’ve been looking at my budgeting as of late and an exorbitant amount of my money goes toward food… I uhm, don’t eat a lot (totally restricted to around 1300 calories/day because I am pocket-sized unless I want to balloon, sad story of my life) so I don’t really know how to justify my spending.

Last month I threw out a good handful of vegetables because I didn’t eat them. :\ My intentions start out all noble… and then I end up eating out OR cooking recipes that require ingredients I don’t already have…

So I think I need to limit my eating out to 1-2x/wk MAX and then learn to buy groceries a little differently… instead of buying ALL the vegetables I love and thinking “omg yesssss I am going to be a bunny and munch through this whole bucket of carrots” I think I should buy the vegetables I will require for the week based on a semi-sorta what am I going to eat this week sort of way.

But I always find a new latest and greatest recipe and then set out to make it so I’m very spontaneous this way with my cooking which rarely bodes well for the food that will spoil quickly.

For example,  I always buy a little tub of cottage cheese at Trader Joe’s and then it’s good for about a month but… in that month I will only make protein pancakes about twice… and then the rest of the bucket gets tossed. :\ So I need to either make a GIGANTIC batch of my protein pancakes (and freeze them) or buy the cottage cheese when I feel a craving for the pancakes.

The second problem with that is that my preferred grocery store is 15 minutes away now that I have moved. Before my grocery store was literally just like 5 minutes down the road…

A lot of the internet grocery delivery services don’t quite deliver to my zipcode yet because the condos are new and it’s not quite on the map to provide as many services to this very small industrial/residential zone.

Mostly I think I need to stop eating out. I have SO MANY grains and beans and healthy things right in my pantry. I guess the problem is in coming up with something to make from those items unless I have some recipe guiding me. And even then recipes always make something like 4 servings which means I wouldn’t have to cook for about two more days… or if I cook smaller servings then things like canned beans – I only need half the can, or even chopping an onion… I’ll only need a small handful… etc.

SIGH. It’s rough cooking for one. I wish things came in baby sizes for single serving portions. :\ Rawr.

ANYWAY. LOTZ O’ PLANS this week and this weekend especially!! For sure I am going to eat out tomorrow afternoon and most likely the same thing on Saturday and Sunday… hm. So now it’s my job to ensure I don’t eat out any other day this week.

I’ve got so many recipes queued up! that hopefully I’ll be good.


Toast and a cold glass of pulpy orange juice. It’s been a morning of lots of quotes and I feel that I haven’t been reading very much the past week and a half. I’m not even very sure what has been occupying my time seeing as I didn’t exercise very frequently this week either, or watch TV. Sometimes I wish the weekend could stretch out for days and days so that I may lounge around at all hours of the day with a book in hand, music in the air, and a 90s cartoon playing soundlessly on a screen just in the corner of my eye.

The reality is closer to me hanging out in my gym attire at work, procrastinating with the internet, reading quotes from Tumblr.

The plan today is to jam on out of here, book it to my exercise class, get ready for the day, and head on over to a SoFar LA music event. I’m hoping my evening will somehow involve a little wine but I never can remember to bring any home from the store.

Tomorrow there will be my early Sunday morning run, rushed breakfast of standing around the kitchen counter, crumbs falling down off a plain slice of toast, then exercise class, and then – just maybe a little unplanned, unrushed, pure relaxation.

I imagined I needed no one, and this is what I still imagine to this day. I needed no one, and so I had no one. But naturally we do need someone, otherwise we inevitably become what I have become: tiresome, unbearable, sick—impossible, in the profoundest sense of the word. I always believed that I could get on with my intellectual work if only I were left completely alone, with no one else around. This proved to be mistaken, but it is equally mistaken to say that we actually need someone. We need someone for our work, and we also need no one. Sometimes we need someone, sometimes no one, and sometimes we need someone and no one. In the last few days I have once more become aware of this totally absurd fact: we never know at any time whether we need someone or no one, or whether we need someone and at the same time no one, and because we never ever know what we really need we are unhappy, and hence unable to start on our intellectual work when we wish and when it seems right.

— Thomas BernhardConcrete (trans. David McLintock). Interlink Publishing Group, 1990