DayAugust 15, 2014

End of a Season

We had a mini cherry ordeal this morning at work but nothing major. We also got our cherry bonus today…! Much needed extra money. Like… WAY MUCH NEEDED. You know how those student loan billz, gas, RENT, new furniture, food, eating out, etc. add up… sigh.

Just got rid of a standalone $1300 student loan bill and submitted a couple hundred dollars to a scary credit card bill.

How fucking scary is it that some of my stress and woes disappear when you give me more money? I hate thinking about financial things and feeling so heavily weighed down by the burden of having to pay for so much shit that is obviously more convenience than necessity… like the good ol’ days of instant coffee now requires a French press or something. *rolls eyes* I do the happy medium of the occasional Keurig k-cup but mostly I’m all for tea bags using water boiled with my electrically powered super fast kettle that sits pretty on my marble countertops. I swear, necessity… I drink tea so many times a day just to keep my lips, tummy, and brain happy.

Another reason my stress is lower is that, sure I had my dining table all set up but, my kitchen counter had no stools for like over a month. And ideally I really honest to goodness wanted a pair of Philippe Starck Louis ghost counter stools that would set me back $900. And after fretting about it… I instead found two in near-perfect condition counter stools that belonged to me in college, inside my Mom’s garage. And sure they’re not ~invisible~ super expensive chairs but I have a place to sit now and it’s no longer another thing I have to worry about. Quality chairs that serve their purpose > My ideal chairs, at least for now. Can you believe that HAVING CHAIRS TO SIT IN was stressing me the fck out? I think cherry season had me wound up REAL fucking tight for the last couple of months.

Today I’m getting a hair cut for the first time in like… 5 months. En serio.

I will have to say that my favorite at home activity right now is steeping my tea and watering my very small indoor&outdoor garden. I have a three stem orchid pot that I’m watching like a hawk (only one stem is still in bloom so I’m babying the other two so they can bloom again in a couple months), two basil plants, lucky bamboo, tons of succulents, and every two weeks buying a small $4 bouquet from Trader Joe’s for my dining table!

Things are coming together in my home and I’m so very happy about it. WOAH WAIT. Did I just use the word ‘happy’ to describe something? Well, hello!

Anyway, off to run errands including getting my hurrrrr styled. (: