Well… I seem to be a lot more balanced as of late. Hence the lack of posting. I’ve been much too busy enjoying life to write anything.

This weekend was fantastic – enjoyed a little breakfast for dinner celebration with friends at my place. There were bagels, eggs, mimosas, even beer… that’s a thing right? and grapes, and chips. And naturally, there was a bit of time for board games. That’s how we do.

Yesterday I went to go buy some games at The Guild House with two friends.

And we’re hanging out today to discuss our current book, too.

So basically: I’m being semi-social again. Good stuff.

I’ve been looking at my budgeting as of late and an exorbitant amount of my money goes toward food… I uhm, don’t eat a lot (totally restricted to around 1300 calories/day because I am pocket-sized unless I want to balloon, sad story of my life) so I don’t really know how to justify my spending.

Last month I threw out a good handful of vegetables because I didn’t eat them. :\ My intentions start out all noble… and then I end up eating out OR cooking recipes that require ingredients I don’t already have…

So I think I need to limit my eating out to 1-2x/wk MAX and then learn to buy groceries a little differently… instead of buying ALL the vegetables I love and thinking “omg yesssss I am going to be a bunny and munch through this whole bucket of carrots” I think I should buy the vegetables I will require for the week based on a semi-sorta what am I going to eat this week sort of way.

But I always find a new latest and greatest recipe and then set out to make it so I’m very spontaneous this way with my cooking which rarely bodes well for the food that will spoil quickly.

For example,  I always buy a little tub of cottage cheese at Trader Joe’s and then it’s good for about a month but… in that month I will only make protein pancakes about twice… and then the rest of the bucket gets tossed. :\ So I need to either make a GIGANTIC batch of my protein pancakes (and freeze them) or buy the cottage cheese when I feel a craving for the pancakes.

The second problem with that is that my preferred grocery store is 15 minutes away now that I have moved. Before my grocery store was literally just like 5 minutes down the road…

A lot of the internet grocery delivery services don’t quite deliver to my zipcode yet because the condos are new and it’s not quite on the map to provide as many services to this very small industrial/residential zone.

Mostly I think I need to stop eating out. I have SO MANY grains and beans and healthy things right in my pantry. I guess the problem is in coming up with something to make from those items unless I have some recipe guiding me. And even then recipes always make something like 4 servings which means I wouldn’t have to cook for about two more days… or if I cook smaller servings then things like canned beans – I only need half the can, or even chopping an onion… I’ll only need a small handful… etc.

SIGH. It’s rough cooking for one. I wish things came in baby sizes for single serving portions. :\ Rawr.

ANYWAY. LOTZ O’ PLANS this week and this weekend especially!! For sure I am going to eat out tomorrow afternoon and most likely the same thing on Saturday and Sunday… hm. So now it’s my job to ensure I don’t eat out any other day this week.

I’ve got so many recipes queued up! that hopefully I’ll be good.

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