DayAugust 22, 2014

This and That

Just a recapitulation of my week.

Been going to The Bar Method almost every day, making it work with all other plans such as friendly hangs and etc. My waist has definitely lost a few inches! Hurrah~ Sometimes I feel like a total chubster squeezed into a small body. Ahahaha… but a little toning will fix me right up. ~The endless battle~ of genetic disposition and my healthy lifestyle. Blargh!

So far this week I’ve seen The Giver and The Hundred-Foot Journey. The latter was amazing and lovely and it made me immediately want to cook up this vegan Indian dish: tikka masala w/ a chicken-substitute. I actually have plans to cook this sometime next week. I cannot wait.

This week I made an alright vegan taco mix with my own vegan sour cream (that tastes exactly like!). I’m still nom-ing my way through that… the struggle of cooking for one is that really one recipe can feed me for an entire week even though I’m itching to cook new things!

Anyway, today I’ll be getting a massage to help my seriously ailing limbs… I swear now I’m 25 my body feels like it’s falling apart or I’m doing too much cross-training or… I don’t know. Things that were not cracking before are cracking and aching and yikes… I’m getting old.

After the massage┬áI’ll be slipping into the movie theater to watch Another Me. I don’t expect it to be a particularly fantastic film but I’m curious to see Sophie Turner (of Game of Thrones fame) act in a more modern role. Plus it’s playing just around the corner from home.

Speaking of home – J’ai fini furnishing my dining room, kitchen, and living room save for some missing artwork on the walls but that can most definitely wait. Now my very neglected bedroom can get some work done. I’ve been sleeping with two warm blankets for the past two months… because my two comforters were tearing after years of use. So I threw them out! No need for clutter. A few days ago I ordered a linen duvet cover from Matteo Los Angeles! A few of their items are on sale so I think the time to strike was now. And then yesterday after work I stopped by Costco and picked up the cutest and most perfect 32″ HDTV for my bedroom at practically a steal. It’s 1080p and 120hz so I think I’m good! Really the only thing missing in my bedroom now is a desk. Then… then… down the road, maybe next year… art work!! ­čÖé Though I already have collected a few meaningful pieces, but after┬ámy bedroom furniture is arranged in its final locations I’ll hang it up.

This weekend I’ll be playing my new board game Settlers of Catan with my family and then going to Santa Anita to listen to the California Philharmonic perform “Broadway & Bolero” featuring songs from Evita, Chicago, Cats, and much more. Eee!

On Sunday we’ll be celebrating my aunt’s birthday and then in the evening I’m going to another concert, at Downtown Disney,┬áto see a few bands I’ve never heard of but my friend invited and it sounds like fun!

A couple more concerts next week, too… ­čÖé

I’ve been listening to the Soil & the Sun for a few days now… and I have to say that┬átheir third album/debut studio album “Meridian”┬ásounds like floating on clouds on your ascension to heaven. Like forreal. But they classify their music as experimental folk rock if in case my description is no good. ­čÖé

Work is slow-ish today but it’s Friday which only means it’ll be much busier for me in a few hours.