Refiguring Out My Life

So. I have a second job now. That starts an hour after I’m done at the office. And it takes about 15 minutes to get there (to downtown LA from the office). Meaning I have about 30 or so minutes in between… which isn’t a lot of ‘down time’ or prep time. For example, I could never “go home” and grab something/run an errand after work. So meaning ALL my day’s PREP needs to be done at 4am before I leave my home… such as packing healthy lunch/dinner or bringing along any potential outfit changes (exercise gear), etc.

For now I’ll be working EVERY DAY after work until the 16th basically to speed up my training… because the manager and the other girl working there are going to merchandise the New York store. MEANING from the 11th to the 16th I’ll be doing the whole shebang myself (well, they also hired one other part-timer yesterday, too, and he’s chill but I don’t think I’d safely be able to rely on him for closing paperwork).

Lulz. So now I have to figure out how to fit MY priorities into this new time table of waking up at 4am, working almost non-stop from 6am to 7:30pm and still 1) eating healthy 2) exercising and 3) watching films and 4) reading and 5) hanging out with friends/family and lastly 6) maintaining cleanliness and sanity in my home.

YEAH! Wow, what a challenge. I’m stoked. Lmaooooo.

Actually I really am… even though this is going to be extremely hard… But I think I can manage if and only if I micromanage my systems.

I just have to know if I feel comfortable running at 4am in the morning… I can do 3.5 miles in 35 minutes no big deal. But waking up is going to be a pain in the ass so I think if I do this only a few times a week I will be okay… which would still leave PLENTY of time to get ready (and I may even be way more wide awake).

Then of course as I get ready I like to listen to a podcast or TED talk just so I can not feel like a working robot/still learning something new, etc. Obviously I mean I need to fulfill my quotient of interesting information or my brain melts and my anxiety rises and then I feel like crap.

Then it’s news from NPR on the drive to work.

Now here’s where I have to figure out how in the world I am going to prep and cook ahead. It’s totally a thing. I started yesterday by making my big batch of oatmeal in my rice cooker last night. And then made some delicious other things like potatoes stewed with red bell peppers and water&vegetable broth.

But anyway… so now in the evenings I will be in the downtown LA area… which is like ahhhhhhhhhh~~~~ poppin’. This means access to independent films that MOSTLY only¬†play in LA, rarely¬†in the suburbs where I live. And access to my most favorite bar if I happen to want to go dance on a Saturday night after 2nd work… yannoe.

And best of all – there is a barre studio in downtown LA but the last class is at 7:15/7:30… so I’ll either have to jam da fck out of the second job ASAP, and definitely not at 7:30 (the store closes at 7 anyway). But I suspect my new coworkers would not mind in the least.

So right now my priorities are seriously priorities. No fucking around or anything, wasting time, etc.

We’ll see how this pans out… Feels almost like leading a double life. Office in the day, working with textile orders in the afternoon in a retail setting in the evening… lulz. Let’s pray I don’t die of exhaustion.

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