DaySeptember 9, 2014

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrn Out

I’m burnt out. From the office job. Like… I just … can’t keep doing this paperwork. And with every passing day there’s more paperwork and I’m the only one that does all the paperwork on the sales side. THE ONLY ONE. And I’m tired. Exhausted. OVERDUE by SEVERAL MONTHS for my vacation but I couldn’t take it any earlier because of cherry season. Things aren’t getting easier in the office, they’re getting harder. And I’ve hit my max tipping point.

So this was probably the worst time to get a 2nd job but it is what it is and I have to learn to handle.

And it’s weird because as soon as the office is over I have to switch my brain into linen/textile mode. And then I’m still getting texts and calls from the office while I’m there. And then I sleep and I have linen on the brain but it’s like I have to start thinking produce. It’s a little confusing. And my brain is seriously like on overtime mode. And it’s like leading this double life of two very different things.

I did exercise last night though… so I feel at least a little bit better. My body feels mildly sore which is just what I wanted to feel… like I’m putting in that work and improving the quality of my soul. Sweating it all out has become such an intrinsic necessary means of cleansing out all the bad that when I haven’t worked out, I start to accumulate all this stress internally.

Anyway… back to work.