Paper Weight

I love ridiculous beautifully aesthetic things. Lately I’ve been craving high-quality paper…

A $19 calendar ecologically produced in Japan using pH-balanced and chlorine-free paper. Postalco Wall Calendar for 2015 on Kaufmann Mercantile (Discover Better Products).

The paper looks to possess a very nice grain and weight based on the photos alone and naturally the minimal aesthetic is appealing because it seems so clean, so blank slate, so ready for the new year.

Yesterday I was perusing one of my favorite fashion blogs, Fashion Squad, when I saw it: Le Sac en Papier. A seemingly innocuous bag, made of paper, masquerading as catch-all, trash can, holder of things, but more importantly: brilliant design.

Let’s for one second forget about her deliciously beautiful vintage Bertoia Diamond Chairs and the delicate BRASS nesting coffee tables… to focus on the PAPER BAG in the far corner of her home:


I obviously desaturated the whole image save for the bag. And notice how just barely noticeable it is? How wonderfully the bag seamlessly integrates itself into her home?

It makes me want it. A PAPER BAG. With French writing on it self-declaring itself for what it is. Want the specs? 100% recycled natural kraft paper, re-usable, eco-friendly. Throw a small bin inside to preserve the internal integrity of the paper bag, just for good measure though.

Coincidentally my bedroom is in desperate need of a trash receptacle. I say receptacle because this is no ordinary thing. This beautiful paper bag. And the price? $10. But the shipping from France will cost you a little bit more than that.

Sometimes it’s a curse having that eye for quality. But I just want to surround myself with beautiful things. I don’t think it’s a crime to love beautiful design. My pursuit for quality and design has previously been misconstrued as the bad kind of materialism but I don’t think that is necessarily true… I just have an appreciation for these sorts of things.

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