Shopping Season & Misc.

My heart is pitter-pattering for a lot of things lately (which bothers me). Mainly because it’s the holiday season and there are so many purdy things to be had. (Excuses, excuses…)

But small case in point:


How gorgeous do these loaves of bread look? My kitchen has a similar bread nook and ~trust~ it looks nothing like this. Also, I just randomly stumbled upon this photo two minutes ago. It’s a SIGN. Actually I don’t believe in signs. But: Mmm, bread. Mmm, a rustic kitchen. Mmm, a paper bag with French writing on it. RIDIC.

Anyway. There’s an Anthony Green concert in January I want to attend. Though I’m wondering if he’s just playing old solo songs because his last solo album was super flat and mediocre if you ask me. And I hate saying that about my main musical man.

There are tons of movies I need to go see this weekend. I’m pretty excited for a little solo movie adventuring. No talking, no listening, no thinking. Just pure visceral visual stimulation. Mmmm.

I should perhaps also stop Mmmmm-ing.

Also Christmas music by Relient K? BEST. But of course I am also cycling through Christmas albums like A Santa Cause 1 and 2: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas. Uh but these are all from the early 2000s… are there any newer rock Christmas albums out?! Or is that a thing rock bands no longer do? Because I can’t seem to find any newer Christmas rock albums… Or I’m just not really as “in the loop” as before.

Also… for not wearing my heels very often, why do I always want more? I should probably work on getting *shelves* installed in my closet first… before continuing to crave more heels. But ah ah ah… sale season. And Gianvitto Rossi for Altuzarra… 🙁 🙁 Want. Though I’m sure the want is very temporary. BESIDES I already have the slingback in nude suede. I’ve worn them 3x…


However, how interesting that the d’orsay heels are made of wool! Not suede. WOOL. That’s fairly innovative for a heel. However, the heel height on these babies is perhaps what keeps me from wearing the nude suede pair very often. They’re like valet to dinner table. And I don’t “go out to dinner” often enough… I go out to family brunch more often. Which definitely calls for my Prada flats or Sam Edelman sandals. Note to self: wear heels more often.

OK there, I’ve talked myself out of wanting the heels. That linen tee tho… Mmm, linen. OK that was my last one, promise!

Things to do:

  • Read. Fucken forreal.
  • Write letter back to Maria. She just sent me her new address.
  • Go to the movies.
  • What am I doing to lose weight by 12/20? Or is this a lost cause? Oops.

Quote of the Day:

“Meaning is man-created. And because you constantly look for meaning, you start to feel meaninglessness.”

I like floating around in my own meaninglessness. Just a speck of space dust marveling at all the other specks of dust and how they make all of space a beautiful sight, one speck at a time.

Waiting for:

  • Christmas Party time.
  • Thursdays. Serial podcast. OH YAS.
  • 2 Fedex packages. Eeeeee!!!

I feel like Thanksgiving just came and went so very quickly… I want that feeling again. Being among a lot of really loving family members, drinking, eating, feeling merry. I went to my aunt’s house last night to pick up some rice to accompany my dinner and she offered me tequila. Lulz. I refused but I WAS TEMPTED. Family and merry times? I’m so there.

I should also perhaps mention I had a cat for two months. She and I are no longer together. Charlotte got a terminal illness and she was put to sleep. Our time together was so short-lived. I haven’t even moved her food tray away yet. It just happened so suddenly. I was only barely getting to know the kitty. She only lived for 10 months. What a sad way to go. Poor kitten.

Will this year ever end?

Longest, most eventful year to date.

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