I have just one mandatory gift left to attain this holiday season! Luckily this one isn’t until the 24th. However, I have to say I probably had the most perfect gift ideas for every single member of my family except the one person I did get for the family Secret Santa. Like really, I was thinking about this weeks in advance, all the different lovely things I could get for any one of my aunts… 🙁 But I didn’t get them for Secret Santa. How horrible. However, I feel I do owe it to my Secret Santa to get the best possible, most thoughtful gift. I feel like some of the guys in the family really get kind of overlooked because it’s so hard to get them anything they might like…

As I was looking at gift guides I came across the most amazing one on except it’s completely unhelpful for my current gift-giving predicament. However! I found the curator of the list, designer of her eponymous line Jenni Kayne, to have impeccable taste. And for that I must share this list.



Mast Brothers chocolate? Ugh, amazing.


Cire Trudon anything? Ugh, amazing.

In fact, last year my mom asked me straight up what I wanted for Christmas… I asked for a Cire Trudon candle. $100. For a candle. She was a little incredulous at the value of such an item. But let me tell you: worth it. So worth it. The candle is sometimes lit at the foyer table on special days only (as in, any day I want to make special). If I could have a Cire Trudon Marie Antoinette bust, a room spray, matches, more candles… you know I would. But it’s so rare that these frivolous wants trump expensive needs or big-ticket purchases such as shoes or a leather jacket…


Hanging class terrarium? Ugh, amazing. I’ve always wanted one but don’t really bother. I rather gift one.


I find buying these sort of mid-price point items rather difficult for oneself but much much much easier to buy as a gift.

Now a $500 pair of shoes? YES. A $200 silk shirt? Naturally. A skincare routine that costs somewhere between the silk shirt and a pair of shoes? There’s no arguing that.

But $12 fancy matches? A $50 Malin + Goetz Cannabis candle? They’re harder to justify, these erstwhile niceties that I have only ever had one instance of before? Harder to repurchase or consider again.

I’m so excited for this week and next week and the week after! Parties, celebrations, family time.

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