Impossible, I realize, to enter another’s solitude. If it is true that we can ever come to know another human being, even to a small degree, it is only to the extent that he is willing to make himself known. A man will say: I am cold. Or else he will say nothing, and we will see him shivering. Either way, we will know that he is cold. But what of the man who says nothing and does not shiver? Where all is intractable, here all is hermetic and evasive, one can do no more than observe. But whether one can make sense of what he observes is another matter entirely.
— Paul Auster, The Invention of Solitude

I had the lovely opportunity of reading a novel by Paul Auster earlier this year (Man in the Dark) and I don’t think I have finished a book that quickly in quite some time. I, in fact, have not read anything in its entirety for quite some time! I think this is because I am so rarely alone these days that my joyous solitary pursuits have fallen to the wayside.

But I am on my way to Big Bear with the family and I hoping that in between cooking, eating, snow merriment — I will be able to prioritize a little reading. One only hopes!

I had higher aspirations for this post but as time is not on my side as per usual, this must suffice.

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