2015 Girl.

I have yet to announce any New Year resolutions mostly because I just have not formulated any this year. I like to take each day at a time, focusing on my systems not my goals – though this is not new information. Instead of aiming for particular things I want to aim to be a certain type of woman. I am aiming for a life in which specifics do not matter as much because expectations and restrictions and minutiae rarely see any follow-through.

I just have not decided what type of woman 2015 will make me.

The Gamine

The Gamine or The Skeptic?

The Skeptic

Mostly I want to be a voracious reader again, exercise as a lifestyle, film as my art of choice, style but an extension of my being, and a career secured. I want to be well-traveled and equally active in my local community. The news should be my go-to source of information. Culinary pursuits of the healthy variety should bring me inner peace and joy.

I have been consuming a little Murakami as of late with steady progress in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I don’t think I can even begin to prioritize a list of books I want to read because the list is staggeringly long. But reading ohhh say, two books a month should be completely possible so long as I make the activity itself a priority.

If 2014 was any indication of how crazy life can get, I’m excited for 2015. Last year produced so much change and endings and beginnings and new things and old things and … wow.

Now, in this moment though, I’m in need of a warm-drink refill so I can read a little. ♥

Image Credits: The Line: Chapter 68

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