White Flag.

Volatile. Mercurial. Potential blog titles. Words that come to mind. And images of a white flag marred with stains of wine in the deepest crimson shade. There is no truce. Truth neither.

There’s just the dry pull of saliva and wine just barely making its way down my throat. A slow burn and a quick finish. It’s hard to swallow but delicious at the start.

I hate Vivaldi. But Satie… I’ve not yet discovered another composer’s work that can explain all of me quite as well. It’s so simple but subtle. His Gymnopedies are broken and sad but technically quite approachable. And every rendition just a little bit different though I definitely have my favorite variation.

I feel like I listened to Erik Satie while I was reading The Sheltering Sky. Gnossiennes reminds me of the hopelessness I felt while reading the novel. The affliction of the existential crises as it were. And it’s such a comforting place to be: but an insignificant speck of dust upon the world.

Well, it’s a shame how I pull myself apart when it’s the same words making me run for cover to your arms.

These words are on continual repeat in my mind. But when it comes down to it no words in any song can suffice hence my transference to the classical.

The blood is pumping heavy in my veins tonight.

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