Mellow Melt.

January felt at once both slow, with cold nights and early bed times, and fast, with the end of the month arriving almost too soon.

Mostly I can’t help but wonder what new things will transpire this year based primarily¬†on the rate of change my 2014 experienced. This month I started at the new work and am now the proud owner of a gorgeous Siberian Husky named Caspian and spent most of my free time with my fairly new boyfriend (a last-minute 2014 feat).

My goal for creating a set routine is slowly starting to take shape. I take great comfort in constantly and continually getting things done. Idle time is wasted time and it strains my mood considerably. Exhaustion is always preferable to me than restlessness – physically. Mentally, that’s another story. I prefer to keep my mind entertained rather than¬†under extreme duress.

Admittedly I only have three days under my belt, but the new routine consists of waking up at 3:30a and going to sleep at 9p. The trick is in fitting in the most productivity between the hours of 3p and 9p which only amounts to 6 hours. This leaves little to no room for time wastefulness. Here is where mindfulness comes into play though: knowing that sitting around doing ‘nothing (of value)’ is completely destructive.

The days have mostly been a mixed bag thus far which isn’t bad. Things are moving along at a steady pace which isn’t bad. I don’t have anything substantial to note at the moment. But such is the case when I subsist on a basic existence of happiness which… isn’t bad.

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