MonthMarch 2015

Quick Updates

I went up to UC Berkeley this weekend to watch a CIF basketball game between La Mirada and Archbishop Mitty HS. My uncle’s son is on the La Mirada team so his family roadtripped up there with me and Daniel tagging along for the ride. The game itself was absolutely entertaining with double overtime… I was super tense towards the end because I was just WILLING La Mirada to win. And they did! 🙂 News of the game even made it on to the LA Times because the game was crazy insanely good.

2015-03-31_1211On the bottom row: #2 is Diego, my cousin.

But mostly I enjoyed spending time with Daniel. And I really liked that he enjoyed spending time with my family. Then again it’s probably not hard because my uncle is a flipping clown. And my family is generally just really warm and inviting and accepting. No one’s questioned Daniel or even me about anything. They’re just letting me do my own thing without getting involved at all. 🙂

I’m taking a few steps toward improving my health situation. Mainly I’ve been dead tired lately… which knocks me out completely. For hours and hours and hours. And there isn’t much I feel like I can do about it. It’s this uncontrollable sleepiness and nothing can rouse me. 🙁 But working on it…

Anyway, still alive. Just writing to write. Nothing fancy here this time.


Today I don’t feel like talking about myself to myself.

Back in September, my friend Javier sent me a few chapters of a story he was writing. I read one chapter and then it sat in my inbox for months… but I just reopened it and it’s as breathtaking as I remember.

While the plot and what’s actually going on is a bit diluted until I read more, the writing quality itself is there. There’s movement and progression in the dialogue that’s moving the story forward by retelling what already happened and what could happen next. The dialogue isn’t meaningless, it’s the driver.

An excerpt, here:


Then later, the two lovers engage in a little smoking and there’s even well-timed charm/humor:


The clever and cuteness of the short story is that the chapters are interchangeable to tell a different story with the exception of the first and last chapter – those stay put.

I’m tired of reading things that don’t interest me. But his short story interests me and I am so glad to be taking a look at his work again.


“Am I a good person? Deep down, do I even really want to be a good person, or do I only want to seem like a good person so that people (including myself) will approve of me? Is there a difference? How do I ever actually know whether I’m bullshitting myself, morally speaking?”
— David Foster Wallace

Lost Lovers

Because there’s a the Soil & the Sun song for everything these days.

I’m lost and you are my lover
I call your name
I’m led by the lure of your lyre
Into your inner chamber

I’m faint and you are forever
I go astray
I walk by the light of your fire
Would you follow me into the darkness?

This heavy sorrow mine
With every sadness thine
To carry through all time
Will be our joie de vivre

I sink and you are the river
I drift away
I drink of the life in your water
Would you carry me out of the darkness?

This heavy sorrow mine
With every sadness thine
To carry through all time
Will be our joie de vivre