DayMarch 10, 2015


Lately it feels like I can’t do all the things I want to do. I start the day with a feeling of high productivity and then by the time I get in my car to drive home I just feel sleepy and sluggish like I could just fall asleep at the wheel.


I get off work at 2pm. It’s like prime sleeping time and I have to perform a very long, dull 1 hour drive. Drowsy driving, it’s called…


By 2pm I’ve already been awake for about 10-11 hours… so I feel like my personal prime time is almost the same as my personal nap time…


Basically this is my lazy excuse for a post. But I’m drinking a second cup of coffee and trying to keep the steam going except it’s like only just 10:40am and I’m 10┬áminutes away from entering my 6th hour at work.

Anyway, I want to create a new post with a comic… And then maybe a third post later later later, with actual content with what I’m trying to get at. Fragmented thoughtz for nao. Cus yannoe.