DayMarch 12, 2015

A Lottle.

A lot and a little. A lottle. It’s already Thursday but it doesn’t feel that way. I’m still living inside the middle of the week/Wednesday.

I’m sort of fearful of this weekend and so I don’t want it to be the weekend yet. On Sunday I’m doing a bungee jump because I just do that sort of random exhilarating thing once in a while except I’m scared of heights so looking down/JUMPING DOWN is a lottle intimidating…

But I like experiences so I rather do it than not.

Honestly it’s been a fairly ungroundbreaking week – so much so that I’m just making up words.

I got my house cleaned (professionally) for the first time! All my silk shirts got ironed. My expensive beautiful shirts that define my entire “look” have not been worn in a very long time because I honestly just lacked the motivation to iron them all.

Not so long ago, I was always in a blue silk top and black pants of some kind (ponte pants, black jeans, etc.) and either flats, boots, or heels. I probably have 5 blue silk shirts and could always use another.

So today I finally feel like I’m wearing an outfit. Blue MIH silk shirt, black ponte pants from J. Crew, blush Yves Saint Laurent Tribute sandals. Simple. My uniform.

I feel like with a clean house, clean clothes and the heavy weight of these things not being done has been lifted so I can start anew. That was supposed to be in January right? How is it middle of March already?

I still haven’t even gotten my hair colored and that was something I wanted to do this year after letting my hair *mostly* rest for the large part of last year. And yet I have not gotten around to it because of other priorities. Also, I feel like I don’t really have a reliable hairdresser right now. I don’t really know who to call to take care of my hair! When my hair reaches its current length I always get this undeniable itch to cut it, short. Just nice little wisps and baby sized ringlets. But then it’s always instant regret. I can’t rock the short hair like some of my wavier-haired friends. Fucken curly hair. That I would have been blessed with straight locks… 🙁

Ah… and two hours later clicking around on da internetz… I have my next hair color. Eeeeee I’m so excited!! 😉