DayMarch 19, 2015


Today I don’t feel like talking about myself to myself.

Back in September, my friend Javier sent me a few chapters of a story he was writing. I read one chapter and then it sat in my inbox for months… but I just reopened it and it’s as breathtaking as I remember.

While the plot and what’s actually going on is a bit diluted until I read more, the writing quality itself is there. There’s movement and progression in the dialogue that’s moving the story forward by retelling what already happened and what could happen next. The dialogue isn’t meaningless, it’s the driver.

An excerpt, here:


Then later, the two lovers engage in a little smoking and there’s even well-timed charm/humor:


The clever and cuteness of the short story is that the chapters are interchangeable to tell a different story with the exception of the first and last chapter – those stay put.

I’m tired of reading things that don’t interest me. But his short story interests me and I am so glad to be taking a look at his work again.