DayMarch 31, 2015

Quick Updates

I went up to UC Berkeley this weekend to watch a CIF basketball game between La Mirada and Archbishop Mitty HS. My uncle’s son is on the La Mirada team so his family roadtripped up there with me and Daniel tagging along for the ride. The game itself was absolutely entertaining with double overtime… I was super tense towards the end because I was just WILLING La Mirada to win. And they did! 🙂 News of the game even made it on to the LA Times because the game was crazy insanely good.

2015-03-31_1211On the bottom row: #2 is Diego, my cousin.

But mostly I enjoyed spending time with Daniel. And I really liked that he enjoyed spending time with my family. Then again it’s probably not hard because my uncle is a flipping clown. And my family is generally just really warm and inviting and accepting. No one’s questioned Daniel or even me about anything. They’re just letting me do my own thing without getting involved at all. 🙂

I’m taking a few steps toward improving my health situation. Mainly I’ve been dead tired lately… which knocks me out completely. For hours and hours and hours. And there isn’t much I feel like I can do about it. It’s this uncontrollable sleepiness and nothing can rouse me. 🙁 But working on it…

Anyway, still alive. Just writing to write. Nothing fancy here this time.