DaySeptember 3, 2015

Quickly, Hastily, A Rushed Endeavor

It’s been a very long time since I have written a post here. Honestly I just have not had the time. This year has been nothing short of a head-spinning, vomit-inducing whirlwind. Basically: quite the ride. Ugh, it just feels good to write. In a way that so few things do. It’s a solitary endeavor and there aren’t many of those these days to go around. I may have even forgotten how to do things on my own.

Time’s ticking and it’s precious. So I will say that this blog post on career change really just incited my desire to post. There are so many things I want in life that finding the right path among many seems hard. At this stage it’s still hard to know if the path I have taken is the right one…

Basically, I’m going back to school.

I start October 7 as a full-time student at FIDM to get an AA in Merchandise Marketing. It’s a 9 month program and there is plenty of career counseling help on campus. I know, right? An AA after a Bachelor’s? It’s not entirely unheard of and becoming a more prevalent phenomena. I don’t have the time to delve into the statistics or my reasons for tacking on a chunk of new school loans, but my fingers are crossed this is the path. My main concern is earning enough money from whatever my work situation ends up being to pay for expenses… It’s REALLY hard going from a really high entry-level –> early stages mid-career salary to like… $0 money.

Anyway, my MAIN reason for posting is this:

About The Author

Caribou Honig is a founding partner of QED Investors. His investments span an array of technology companies with a particular focus on data-driven marketing, next generation banking, and the reinvention of insurance. Caribou holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Philosophy from Harvard University, an MBA from the Darden School of Business, and a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law. He and his wife have two children, an annoying dog, and one evil cat.

That’s from the blog post I read. This guy got a bachelor’s (in Philosophy just like me, le gasp), went on to get his MBA and then did not stop there! He got a JD as well! Holy moly this guy is impressive.

Basically, just seeing something like that makes me go, OK it’s totally fine to keep going to school even if … well … what you’re doing is not necessarily 100% directly related to school.

My GOALS/DREAMS/etc. go something like this:

  • Get an AA to motivate me to go back to school (and get the hang of the admissions process) and just kind of rev me up and prepare me to join a particular industry/position: Merchandise Buyer/Planner.
  • Get an MBA from an international business school (whether or not I would travel or move for 15 months to complete this remains to be seen; there are a few online/part-time MBA courses of excellent repute)
  • And OK this might be fueled by The Good Wife but… my  Bachelor’s major/minor combination was a prep for law school. Not intentionally, but it was something I was always like oooooohhh that could be a thing. But then I was too insecure to think about grad school back then…

What I’m saying is, seeing even just one example of someone that successfully went to school for a bajillion years and is financially stable and happy… that’s more than enough proof that my thoughts and goals are at least VIABLE. But time will tell. We’re early stages here. I may not even get beyond dream #1 if I find a really great job afterward. (People do get complacent right away after all..)