I’m trying not to go into full-fledged meltdown here. One step at a time ¬†works… but only to the extent that you actually know where you’re going. And I feel like I’m flailing my arms about not knowing where my next step is supposed to be.

In two weeks I go back to school. Period. For the first three months I will be able to work at any full-time job that allows me to take Thursdays off. Which practically eliminates any respectable paying job right off the bat. So I’m stressed definitely. Also I can’t underestimate how many projects or assignments I might have in my classes so working a job with extremely odd hours also somehow stresses me out.

It just seems to me the whole point of going to school is to work and earn happiness (=money) right?

Anyway… I just know now that I want to go to grad school and so it seems really stressful to me asking how long I should work before applying. MBA or JD? That’s another question. There are too many questions and I’m feeling overwhelmed. But I’m not even beyond step 1 yet: Finish this 9 month A.A. in Merch Marketing program.

Then what?

Cue me biting my nails. I don’t like uncertainty.

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