MonthDecember 2015

From here till June

My little lovely blog has gone neglected for some time now and I readily admit I have missed writing quite dearly. Sadly/luckily I have been quite busy with school for the last two months and recently I acquired not one, but two new jobs — a full time and a part time position on top of school. My body and mind have been on overdrive and I wish I could say that I were at the very least not so poor for working so hard but alas, I am broke and still working my ass off.

Currently I am working for one of my favorite retailers in the hopes of joining their corporate headquarters when I graduate in June. Baby stepping my way into my future career. Anyway, I’m tacking on an A.A. to my Bachelor’s in the hopes of getting in good at a buying office. I can’t wait to resume my office lifestyle because it pays more money and it uses my good lil’ brain.

But in the mean time I am working on loads of projects and assignments. I’m nearly done with my first quarter at FIDM and I just have two more stretches to go before I finish. Then it’s career path and MBA some time after (2017?).

Anyway, I’m taking the night off from work or study (though I have so much to do), just to browse the internet and see what is happening on the fashion blogosphere.