“Long hair minimizes the need for barbers; socks can be done without; one leather jacket solves the coat problem for years; suspenders are superfluous.” – Albert Einstein. 

I do miss writing and talking about fashion on my blog. I miss writing in my blog, generally speaking. But when I think of what it is I would want to say, very little comes to mind. I think for a long time now I have enjoyed consuming really quality blog posts, news articles, the radio, and podcasts, and of course music. There is always so much to consume all around us. And I get so excited to consume, consume, consume that I’ve become nothing more than a consumer buying everything the world is selling me. And wanting to buy in.

As I have gotten careless with myself and my life, two things have happened: 1) I have gained weight and 2) I can no longer wear what I consider my perfect wardrobe. Seriously. My tom boy and mysteriously sexy look (showing less is more) vibes don’t jam with my currently curvy figure. I long longed for a slimmer, more athletic build so I could solely wear loafers and trousers and Reverse Seam button up shirts. Which I was doing for a few years until I jumped off the fit life bandwagon. I’m a yo-yo exerciser. And at 5 feet tall, I love food too much to consume as few calories required of a 5 foot person. So exercise was my non-negotiable counterweight to … uh, yannoe, weight gain. I do this every time… I reach this particular weight which seems to be my max/natural weight eating all the things I love without exercise and then circle back and start aiming for unlimited push-ups and 5 mile jogs. It’s like my life is a living trend cycle, pendulum swing style.

So I started Insanity Max 30 today. I tell ya, that pendulum swing. There’s no “easing into it.” Go all the way, or you don’t mean it. I was tempted to blog about this on my “secret”/private fitness blog but I mean — this blog is private enough. The readership is quite low. I remember a few years ago when all the wrong people were reading my blog and then my blog life crossed over into my real life and that was just weird. And then years and years and years before then I was part of the blogosphere.

However, it’s gotten a bit hard to stay focused on fashion. It feels as though the ultra-fast rise of social media has catapulted most fashion away from the blogs and into a see it once Snapchat moment. I’m going to have to dig a little deeper to get back into street style and bloggers worth following. But I want to feel that excitement again. It is harder when you can’t fit into the fashion you like, nevermind the expense of building a new wardrobe. It’s like honey, lose the weight or become a millionaire. Insert sideways glance here.

Here’s to a reset to bring things back to the way they were/should be/ought to be.

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