MonthJune 2017

Think of Me

In a few days’ time I will be approaching the eleven years’ anniversary of this blog. I think of this blog often and quite fondly. There are so many times I wish I could write on here and the time really slips by me. I have such little time nowadays and this has become a non-priority.

The news and politics are heavily of interest to me now. So today was a pretty astonishing news day, as most days have been this year. The United States of America will be leaving the Paris Accord because our president does not believe in the radical effects of climate change. The percent increase of homeless population over last year increased by a staggering 23%. On my drive back home this evening I was listening to The Moth Radio and coincidentally the speakers were talking about how they were previously homeless and I just felt so down – especially since I was driving from a fun luxury skin care event where the brand’s price point starts at $90 all the way up to $190 for a single product.

Work keeps me extremely busy during the day. I honestly do not have any time to do anything other than work while I am there. Some days I take a lunch break when I’m lucky, but most days I do not. And then my commute is awful. 1.5 hours in the morning and 1 hr, 45 minutes in the evening. It is a ridiculous waste of time and honestly I wish driver-less cars were a thing already so that I could be productive while sitting there in traffic – maybe actually do something with that time other than drive.

Consistently I am starting to feel more unhealthy as time goes on. I get home so late that by the time I have had dinner and enjoyed a small ounce of free time, it’s very late in the night and I have to wake up very early in the day just to get to work at a very late start comparatively speaking to all my previous jobs, but at least it’s a late start because my drive is excruciatingly long and if I had to wake up even earlier than early, it would just be bad all around.

My housing situation is really not bad at all. I enjoy where I live, and it is close to my family. The size of my home is great: it’s a two-story condo with three bedroom and two and half bathrooms. So I mean, to move closer to work for double what I pay now and half the space does not make that much sense. But I just don’t know how to handle the reality of my drive because it makes me feel tired, sleepy, unhealthy, and by the time I have arrived at work I have already struggled through insane traffic.

There are so many changes I want to make in life right now, and I need some time to reflect to figure out how to achieve a balanced state of being.