DayAugust 9, 2017


There are plenty of words I have to say right now, but for some reason I’m not finding any comfort in engaging with the blog versus engaging with a person that could potentially respond, even if they don’t give a shit. I struggle with openness of communication even with myself.

This has been a horrible week, personally and professionally. I have just felt down the entire week without any sign of things looking up.

What I really feel I need is to meet new people and re-evaluate my unmovable belief system. People are the most unreliable creatures.

I’m actually trying to power through an audiobook in time for a book club meeting tomorrow. So it’s hard to focus and write at the same time. They inevitably both suffer. I have 13 more hours of audio to power through. Book club meeting is tomorrow at 8PM so there are sufficient hours, but the ability to focus for that many hours is rather difficult.