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2 for 1.

Every season Stella McCartney releases these dresses. These BEAUTIFUL dresses… I’m still dreaming about the blush colored lace dress from several seasons back that was on so many magazine covers. A girl can dream.

This season, Stella McCartney has released a modern dress that really is like two dresses in one due to the actual silhouette of the dress, and then the silhouette the black on the white creates. It creates the most perfect slimming and womanly shape.

It is hard to appreciate the dress without seeing it on a woman’s body. In all its glory:


I’ll continue to dream of one day owning a beautiful Stella McCartney dress! 🙂


Freja Beha! Haven’t seen you in a while. This photo is everything I want to be feeling right now. There’s nothing like a nice warm oversized coat. I’m so sick of avoiding the outdoors any time before 8pm. The sun never sets and the heat rarely subsides. I want to feel that cool breeze.

Zara has consistently been knocking it out of the park with their collections. Too bad I haven’t stepped into a Zara for a few months! It’s all about that online shopping with this heat wave so we can all safely try on those coats with the AC on full blast.

Photos: Zara Winter 2012

Fall/Winter Wishlist

Top Row:
Chloe Susanna Studded Boots – pre-ordered for September 30 ♥
Etoile Isabel Marant Kalibo leather jacket – ordered, but received defective, going to exchange for another!
Isabel Marant Bekket in Rouge and in Anthracite – rouge are en route! anthracite pre-ordered for 7/30!

Bottom row:
Etoile Isabel Marant Pepy flannel blazer – a want, but not a must-have!
Chloe Ballerina Flats – trying to allocate money in my budget for these beauties!
Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Studded boots – Dare to dream! A possibility!
Isabel Marant Boots – an unlikely purchase and bold in color, too! I suspect I’m going to miss out on these and regret it!

Ah I always have shoes on my mind…