Shark Dad – DGD

It’s like it never even happened
I never got to know this side of you
Frozen all connections
Now I can’t find the person that was you
Oh no. I can’t remember
The leaves were bound to change
I loved you in the summer
The leaves were bound to change

“She’s got the photos, but no recollection…”

I almost titled this post Obligatory Shopping Weekend. I started a few shopping carts but so far have abandoned all but one. There have been so many recent deals online that I’m pretty much stocked up on the things I need except I am in serious need of some dresses — and naturally the brands I gravitate towards do not believe in the concept of sales because that would undermine their quality standards… namely Cuyana and Everlane. Here are my carts around the internet.


Started a Black Friday Fund and reached their goal to contribute proceeds to employees in one of their Vietnam factories: $117,760 for 8,000 moped helmets. So, no discount at Everlane. In fact their Pay Your Own Price is currently on pause and will resume on Dec. 26th.


This year Cuyana sent an email asking customers to donate their gently used clothing at one of their stores for a $10 credit. And for those that shopped Cuyana on Black Friday, the company donated one of their essentials to their partners at H.E.A.R.T.

Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth Suzann, the priciest of the brands actually did have a Black Friday/weekend sale of a tiered spend more, save more. Because the other brands did not exactly have any sale happening I felt like I could wait to purchase the other items in my myriad of shopping carts online at a later point in time. So I ended up buying these two dresses and saved a whopping… $50 off my order total… minimal savings but I felt really strongly about these two styles. And it would allow me to feel the silk crepe quality and the raw silk broadcloth quality. Most of the pieces on Elizabeth Suzann are made to order in their Nashville design studio and production facility and as a require a 3-4 week lead time…! It’s not bespoke but I can stand behind making only as much as demand requires even if it means I must wait a little more patiently than my customary “arrives in two days” that Amazon Prime has primed me.

I’m trying to be more deliberative with my spending this weekend because December is such an expensive month with family and it’s Daniel’s birthday on the 17th and then Christmas…

This has been one crazy year. There is a lot more I’d like to write but I should switch tasks… like drink some hot tea and curl up with the new book I picked up from the library today.



Chaos. That is what my life and my house have become as of late. I have to-do lists piled sky high on almost every surface of this household.

One case in point:


A renewal letter from The Atlantic, a 401k rollover action needed like yesterday notice, so many magazines I have yet to read (really, will I ever?) — especially when I’ve read the articles from those publications online most especially The New Yorker. I mean it’s thin enough to carry around anywhere but rather pretentious, so I abstain. Almost nothing is in its proper place. I used to run such a precise, tight ship in which everything was right where it should be: a place for all things. But then living with someone changed all that. You cannot control or account for the movement of others. Or dictate just how tidy they can be when I myself am prone to the more than occasional untidiness and then hypocrisy prevails.

When it comes to things in paper form, I cannot for the life of me throw away the things I really should and throw away all the really important papers. Forreal. I have a paper clutter problem. No amount of bookshelf space short of The Beast’s Castle could suffice.

Anyway, I came on here to post a digital mood board collage. Gods forbid I print out or cut out papers and create a physical mood board. I don’t think my home can handle any more of that. However, an hour has since passed and I failed to make a collage instead opting for crossing things off my to-do list like ordering some small knickknacks for my aunt’s baby shower and curating a collection of french country images for my aunt’s new house like I said I would.

Also, I’ve come to the realization (yet again) that most people are neither reliable or nice, and I rather seclude myself from the world. I always land on the same feeling. This feeling has become my home base, at-neutral emotion, my comfort zone. Except it makes me deeply resentful and very uncomfortable, if I’m being honest.

My emotions fluctuate between wanting to be an optimist and being an actual pessimist. It leads to some seriously confusing dialogues. Wanting not to want and not wanting to want. Not needing to need and needing to not need. I’m forever a Pisces:


Circling back into myself over and over and over and over. Going one direction and the other direction at the same time.

Anyway, time for Sunday night HBO. I don’t know what I would do without film and television and other consumable media like podcasts and books.