Twitter Updates for 2008-01-12

  • Sitting in front of the computer after failing at trying to take a nap. It is just way too cold here. #
  • Watching Babel with Rona. Waiting to see if anyone wants to come anymore. ): #
  • Hanging out with Rona, Hailey, Sandy, Brian, and David. Watching Superbad. #
  • Going to dance a bit more and then sleep with Sandy. 😉 #
  • Everyone is awake. Meme just called me ‘cus she did me a biiig favor<3 #
  • Watching Babel. Intense! #
  • this movie never ends…! But it’s good!! 🙂 #
  • Showertime! #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-11

  • Opening my Wii. #
  • heading to the second program board meeting of the week. #
  • Looking at the moon!! Wow it looks so weird tonight. #
  • I was talking to David on the cell while in the restroom in the uceb. I had to hang up to pee! #
  • My meeting is over. Sad that now I have to wait two hours to eat dinner. And one hour for Rona to get out of class. #
  • Sitting around in San Miguel formal lounge. Just got off the cell with mi madre. Mike Dix just texted me… Ack! #
  • Missing the FSSP days as I sit in San Miguel. I just heard someone get a text be with the beep I used to have on my cell in the summer. 🙁 #
  • going to freebirds!… #
  • pulling a david… And texting while @rona1 waits… Hahaha is that mean? #
  • Waking up. Love it that my class is at 12 #
  • Meeting up with Rona. New crush….. Oh em gee. #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-10

  • Im here! Now to FIND Brett… #
  • Just had dinner with Rona, Nefi, Carol, Amanda, and one of Sharon’s ex-friends. In my room, blogging, checking tons of email. #
  • Tired after moving around furniture for Friday’s shindig. Chatting with @stem_cooler #
  • Going to sleep! #
  • Having breakfast (alone!), and I just saw someone with hair like Elizabeth’s. #
  • Got into the 12 Japanese class!!! Chatted with the lovely Erica. Walking back to FT. #
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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-09

  • Leaving FT and walking back to campus. #
  • Majorly stressed!!! I need a pill. But I left my water on my bed… Fuck. #
  • HIV #
  • Omg…. My iPhone spelled my give as "HIV"…. Awkward turtle! #
  • What I wanted to say was "giving rona the number to the registrar of voters office." #
  • Contemplating whether or not I will feel bad switching Japanese classes. It would be like betraying my new classmates. #
  • Almost tripped. Omg… I feel like the not-so-cute version of Sandy. She’s cute when she is clumsy. #
  • Finding out Rona is a Republican. Oh hell no!!! #
  • Omg… Just saw a cute black guy. That’s a first. Got jamba juice. #
  • Sitting at The Hub for a while before Across The Universe. Ana just got here. #
  • Walking to IV Theater. #
  • Watching across the universe (again), with David, rona, and ana. #
  • Taking photos in IV theater…. Awkward #
  • Ate at silvergreen’s. Walking to San cat #
  • Multi-tasking hardcore. I’m so sleepy, though. #
  • Going to sleep. 🙁 tired…. #
  • At student health. Alfredo. #
  • Getting refills for pills. Going to go eat Ortega take-out afterward. #
  • Taking a form to the lobby of the pink building… #
  • Argh it’s closed till 1. Ucen to sell back books #
  • Enjoying my linguistics class! #
  • I made a new gay guy friend in Japanese. Omg, he’s awesome. #
  • Omg awkward!! I just saw Alfredo at Student Health. #
  • Appointment over. And oh em gee… Rushing to meet with Brett at IV Elementary. #
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