The title ‘Heart Strutter’ comes from song lyrics by a previously favorite band of mine called Loudermilk, “lover suffer a heart shaped like strutter.” The idea felt so akin to wearing your heart on your sleeve in this brilliant new way that felt perfect for a personal blog. The combination of words, though, was created by a good friend. Like my passions and interests, my posts are varied, capricious, and ever-changing. Sometimes I write about fashion, cosmetics, and beautiful things. Other times I just create lists or then suddenly feel inclined to pour my heart out. But always I write cautiously or vaguely.

Version Broken Promises

Version twelve of Heart-strutter is rather simplistic, but I tried going for a surreal color scheme and I think that worked out nicely. The photograph was taken by Vladimir Borowicz and a link to the image on DeviantArt can be found under credits further down the sidebar. The entry separator is a rubber stamp I scanned, and the rest was pretty much just photoshopped by me. Though simplistic I really love the small details in this layout.

Version 11

Outright sucks. Not gonna lie. This is the most temporary layout uh… ever! Threw this shit together in an hour. I’m working on cleaning out my layout CSS since I have a tendency to re-use it. I’ll be re-coding a new layout soon, from scratch. My goal is to get a new layout up by this weekend! Let’s hope my inspiration does not falter. 😀

Version Ten

Version ten finally features a design and not just plain ol’ CSS coding. The photograph in the layout was taken by me in the residential area of downtown Santa Barbara. A few brushes were used, made by creamnuts on LJ (but I think the username no longer exists). The lyrics on the layout are by one of my favorite bands, Loudermilk. In fact, the domain name comes from one of their songs, too.