Guys . . . o_o!

Guys . . . o_o!

Eek … today was a busy day. I played riceRO for a while!~ That was fun. I guess there was a server wipe because my character was gone. Uwaa~ That sucked, but my char will be lvl`ed up again, soon. =]

After that I watched eps 14-16 of Full Moon wo Sagashite. Aww Takuto is so adorable. I want to make a fanlisting!~ xD I’ll do that as soon as I finish my shrine to Frey, which I already started work`n on, I swear Kris! xD After that, I watched half of ep 1 to the Taiwanese drama, Lavender. The torrent file was at 99% so it wasn’t working properly. >_< The torrent has been down due to the torrent site that I went to being down. *sigh* I have eps 26-31 of Live Action Sailor Moon! to watch, but haven’t gotten around to it, yet. So many things to do and no time! o_o;

Anyway, later on at night … like around at 8 – 10 PM, my mom, my brother, and my cousin went to the pool. I didn’t feel like going in today. ^^; My mom accidently left her cellphone upstairs and well, it rang. I took her her phone down and omg! When I walked by the pool this guy said, “Hello” to me. I ignored him of course! Then I wanted to go get the mail before going back upstairs … but I had to walk by the pool again. >>; The guy said, in Spanish, “Estas enojada? [sp]” which means, “Are you mad?” Maaaan, that totally creeped me out. I wanted to run away and scream. xD LOL.

As I went to the mailboxes, there were 4 guys sort of standing there talking to each other or whatever. I had seen them earlier, too. Well, I had to walk by them to get to the mailboxes. I was dreading that after the pool incident. Err, as I walked towards the mailboxes they walked in the opposite direction, and every single one of them said, “Hello” to me. Damn teenage guys. I ignored them and then one of them said, “Okay bye.” >.< I know when a "Hello" is friendly and when it's flirty. These were not friendly hello's. After that, I was think`n, "Okay, wtf?!?! Five guys said hi to me already. O__O" I ran back upstairs and started freak`n out. Lmao .. that was like a new experience. I blame it on the short shorts I was wearing. *dies* Yeah, okay, anyone know why they did this? o_o; That was freak-ay. Oy, I dunno what to think about that anymore! Tomorrow, or rather, today … I have swimm`n lessons. >>; I already know how to swim, but my mom wants me to take the classes anyway so that my brother won’t be alone in the class. Pssh. Waste of my time, really. LOL.

I can’t wait for my Japanese school, though!! xDD Now that is excit`n!!~ Well, I better sleep some, ne? Oyasumi nasai!~

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Okay, this is the first post of frikkin` substance. ~_~; Here goes how my day has gone. Pardon me if I threaten to shoot b2 while I’m at it. xD~

For the better part of last night and this morning, I’ve been trying to set up a dedicated server for CounterStrike all because of my brother’s lil` whims. I went on mIRC and thank all the mighty gods … someone there helped me!! They happen to play on CS, too. Well, this person, named Glenn, helped me set up a more temporary solution of a listen server!~ LOL … I had so many questions and Glenn was so patient and like helpful! o_o;

Well, this morning, with a renewed vigor I tried to set up a dedicated server. I can say that I succeeded, but when it came to install the Admin Mod … I was clueless. >>; I tried reading forums and reading the manual. =_= It all made my head spin. Now, my brother wants me to keep try`n. *stabs*

Oh, and b2 was giving me problems so that whenever you commented, it’d take you to a 404 error. Then, all of a sudden after stressing, it works. :O! Everytime I commented I was more and more violent on b2, but er *hums* deleted most of the comments. LOL. Ah wells, right?

I need a breather. Joy .. my brother says it’s time to work on that dedi server again. Someone kill me?

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Okay, I’m completely done customizing everything! Although some thought I was already done and left errors *cough* Paula */cough* I wasn’t. If anyone finds any errors, please notify me right away! I’m of course, only an alien uh .. a human, so I leave mistakes behind. This layout gave me all hell not only because of the b2 customizations but becaue of the layout type — TABLES. Omigosh, Rio can testify that I was going to stab someone if it didn’t work out. xD~ Also, big tahnks to Kris for some helpful links and such.So many problems arose all over the place, but it’s now done. I can breathe again. Ick, but I hate the layout. >>;

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