From here till June

My little lovely blog has gone neglected for some time now and I readily admit I have missed writing quite dearly. Sadly/luckily I have been quite busy with school for the last two months and recently I acquired not one, but two new jobs — a full time and a part time position on top of school. My body and mind have been on overdrive and I wish I could say that I were at the very least not so poor for working so hard but alas, I am broke and still working my ass off.

Currently I am working for one of my favorite retailers in the hopes of joining their corporate headquarters when I graduate in June. Baby stepping my way into my future career. Anyway, I’m tacking on an A.A. to my Bachelor’s in the hopes of getting in good at a buying office. I can’t wait to resume my office lifestyle because it pays more money and it uses my good lil’ brain.

But in the mean time I am working on loads of projects and assignments. I’m nearly done with my first quarter at FIDM and I just have two more stretches to go before I finish. Then it’s career path and MBA some time after (2017?).

Anyway, I’m taking the night off from work or study (though I have so much to do), just to browse the internet and see what is happening on the fashion blogosphere.

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to Speak

We are mortals, you and I. There is only my dying and your dying and nothing beyond. You will die and there is nothing beyond. I shall slowly disappear until my heart stops its soft padding against the lining of my chest. Until then, the drive to speak continues, incessantly. Until then, we carry on. After that, there is nothing.
— Simon Critchley, Very Little… Almost Nothing
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Weather // Whether

I’m dreaming of a fall wardrobe and colder weather. The issue is whether or not the temperature is going to drop any time soon…

I’ve really been eyeing items from my usual favorite brands: Everlane, AYR, Cuyana, and really lusting after a new makeup routine as well. Every fashionista is rocking the oxblood but I’m content just to experience a few new black, white, grey, and blue classic pieces.


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