Functional Foyer

It’s no secret interior design is one of my current passions. Everyone on Twitter knows it, my friends know it, my family knows, and I of course know it. At the very end of February I moved into an art deco/1920s apartment built in 1928. The ceilings are sky high and there is real character to my apartment. The previous tenant lived in this apartment for 7 years and he was given permission to make his own improvements (out of his own pocket of course…) so basically I got uniquely painted walls, granite countertops, and stylish tile in the kitchen and dining room. I love my apartment with all my heart and though it is missing some very crucial essentials for now, it will do. For the price (though still high) I live a few blocks from the beach, in the East Village Arts District, literally a few blocks from downtown Long Beach. With my current budget I feel I am getting my money’s worth and would not be able to afford any other similar place nearby with those “crucial essentials” in my opinion. Parking is street only, which SUCKS. I could pay some parking lots nearby for parking but have not yet taken that leap. I am thinking I might have to do this in December, though. I’m tired of playing that street parking game. Also, there is no outdoor patio area… and there is something so magical and special to me about a quaint outdoor area… just to get some fresh air, read outside, etc. There is also no heating or AC. But I own a heater and I own a fan.

Anyway, as you enter the apartment there is this great little “office” space. It is made of fake wood panels that extend to the ceiling and also has sliding doors to close the area. Though I don’t close the area, it adds a nice touch.

There are some small areas I am missing in my apartment. My shoes do not EVER seem to make their way back to my bedroom walk-in closet. So by the end of the week I literally have five pairs of shoes littered near the sofa, near the entryway, etc. And it’s driving me batty. But I never really head to my bedroom until the evening (why? because my bedroom is very very very much a work in progress at the moment… deets later). So my coats pile up on the wonderful dark drawer bench and shoes surrounding this area as well. By the end of the week my apartment does not give me the same satisfaction as after my routine Sunday clean up. Again, this is driving me nuuuts. I do not want clutter. And the clutter is my own doing. I know myself. I am NOT going to go to my bedroom and neatly store my shoes inside my closet where I even hate the shoe storage rack I have. I want to toss that rack so badly.

Anyway, okay so back to the point.

It occurred to me TODAY, moments ago, before starting this post… the “office” room which is currently one room that lacks so much style… as I have not bothered to style it YET, should be used as a FUNCTIONAL FOYER. Brilliant!

Now what functions does this 43″ x 94″ room need to serve?

  • Shoe storage solution
  • Coat rack/storage solution
  • Beautifully display all of my books
    (currently displayed in between two different sized white bookshelves and on stacks around one of the bookshelves)
  • Alcohol/mineral water/snacks cart/side table
  • Chic decor and accessories

I realize this is a lot, but I already have a few ideas in mind! The execution, on the other hand, will not come so easily as it will require making holes in the walls to hang things, maybe some painting, and money.

Here is the current set up and the problems presented in photos. The pictures are crappy but it’s late and I need to get my ideas down quickly.

This is the current “foyer” space… very minimal, except for the enormous mirror which adds so much style. Anyway, here is a perfect view of the coats that accumulate over the week, and I removed the shoes because it was an eyesore. This current entry way does not even have a table… which is what I have been aiming for since I moved and have not found anything that I feel would perfectly match so in an effort to avoid the glaring empty space below the mirror I added the bench.

The current book storage solution. It creates a nice chic corner but ultimately is not my favorite solution. I have far too many books to mess around with multiple bookshelves.

The current office space. My desk is to the left and to the right I have a drawer with all my filed paperwork in it. And there’s a chair that I don’t really like, and a trash can with 0 style. What I like best about this space is that most everything in there is unseen. The walls are bare, and there is no style whatsoever to this room.

My idea is to move a desk to the area where the bookshelves are, by the small window. With the right furniture this could be a very nice work space. There’s plenty of room, that’s for sure. And then this unique interesting side room would not need to house my desk at all, but would have to serve all the other functions stated above.

Inspiration photos and more ideas to follow.

But all the paper said when I was done is…

Restlessness is one of my signature traits. Maybe fickle. Maybe capricious. Furniture constantly gets switched around in my apartment, my hair color changes more often than the seasons, and my living location is now the source of my frustration. Don’t get me wrong – I love Long Beach. The relaxed beach vibe permeates the city but there’s also this great night life buzz. There is so much going on in Long Beach and I have not even explored a fraction of the city with all its local eats and hangs and entertainment. But increasingly I feel this distance from “the city” – the city of Los Angeles proper. Not that I would want to live anywhere downtown (that’s just scary), but closer to where I feel “everything” is located. Los Angeles is about 30 minutes away, maybe more with traffic. It is still just a simple drive away… but I feel so drawn to it. Even the thought of moving to the very classy city of Pasadena seems appealing.

These cities – Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles (La Brea area), they all have these special vibes, their own cultures, etc. Once I moved I would only miss or yearn for another city. I know that about myself.

My only constant is change.

The thought that things don’t meet my expectations is untrue. Long Beach more than lives up to my thoughts about it. But I feel so… restless, unhappy with the stability.

My life can always be described with the words:

The Greek word, eros, denotes want, lack. The desire for that which is missing. The lover wants what it does not have. It is by definition impossible for him to have what he wants. If… as soon as it is had… it is no longer wanted.

How many times have I quoted those lines on this blog? Many many many times. I always want and want and want. Not necessarily want MORE, I just WANT all the time. For the sake of wanting. I need these wants fulfilled though soon after it means nothing.

Rarely is something enough. Not because it does not satisfy me… but because the satisfaction is so temporary. My mind craves new experiences all the time. “Accomplishments are transient,” right?

accomplishments are transient
they pull me in unremittingly
just lasting this long, I feel relieved
let repetition save me

I always turn a real-life problem into this lyrical, obscure, vague mass.

Leaf in the Wind

There isn’t much for me to say as of late. Life is continuing quite normally and beautifully. It’s funny, not having anything to say when things are going well. But I’m not, for any reason, going to convince myself that I need depression to write. My thoughts are so much clearer, I’m acting completely responsible and mature and life is great.

There is no need to dwell on what I am missing in life (if anything) and no need to convince myself that I have to write deeply and profoundly all the time. Since words aren’t necessarily coming to mind at this moment in my life, pictures must suffice. Looking back I hope I appreciate these captured memories and forgive my lack of effort in explaining where I am at this moment. The quality is not so great because all of these were taken with my iPhone.

No makeup. But still feeling pretty. I had to capture it.

Standing in front of our fireplace. I’m little and it’s really big. I thought it was funny. ^_^;

Eating healthy! And I’m a total fruit. Cranberry juice. Strawberries. Banana nut muffin sans the nuts (they weren’t to my liking).

Getting a little creative… (and a little romantic?? hahah)! Bowl filled with marbles with a candle in the center. (:

Bowl I made at Color Me Mine!! 😀 It’s lavender on the outside with purples flowers and super bright and cheery orange on the inside. I love this bowl!!

Diamond necklace Aunt Elvia gave me recently. It’s blurry because it’s hard to take pictures of diamonds… but there are 43 of them. I lovelovelove it.

Book my Uncle George gave me… hahahah. And another HDMI cable for me~

Heart-shaped chocolate cake my Aunt Mary made me for Valentine’s Day!!! 😀 It was yummy and super pretty because 2 year old Midori decorated it~

Heart-shaped ring that my aunt used to tie the bag the cake was in. 😀 Super cute right! Yep, my Aunt is the cutest thing~~!!

It’s been a long rainy day so hair waved up a little but I straightened my hair for the first time in almost a year!

I emailed the pic to my family (we email each other pics all the time looool <3 ) and my Aunt Meme said I look like this hispanic actress:


Yeah… I’ll take it!!! She’s beautiful!!!! 😀 Hahaha

And this has been a segment of my life since I’ve not blogged in a while.