One Of Those Nights

I’ve developed a habit of waking up at 11-12. It’s bothering me a little bit. I don’t get to watch The View this way! Haha… okay kidding on that one, but uh my day is gone. ):

Last night after work I did go on my hour bike ride, and silly me – I was listening to Circa Survive and I started crying. Lol… it was so foggy my sweater had ice on it, my eyelashes, too, and then I’m looking all emo and shit and it was just kinda awkward. Thank goodness there aren’t too many bike-riders on campus at midnight.

Just before leaving for my bike ride I was feeling kinda friend-less/lonely (I need RONA back!! She’s back from italy but still at home)… and ~luckily~ David texted me and asked if I wanted to meet him and Sandy at FT after my bike ride. (: YEY! I totally said yes and sometime past 12 I got to FT.

Peeps and I played basketball for a while. It was fun! Love basketball. Ugh, but like I said it was foggy and if the basketball went into the grass it’d get slippery and make for really awful shots. =\ Bummer. We also tried playing volleyball but I plain out suck. Sandy’s OK, and David’s the one that loves it. (: And tried spiking it a few times but wooow… my hand just doesn’t smack that ball hard enough. Haha.

We left sometime after 1am… David ran alongside our bikes. o_o; He pretty much kept up the pace of our bikes the entire way… Well, I mean he was in cross-country before, and I guess he still has some of that strength in him.

Sandy and I are taking a jogging class come fall quarter. *dies a little on the inside* I have the weakest legs of anyone I know. Actually with A LOT of practice I definitely start feeling competitive and push myself harder and harder. (I wish I were VICTORIALEE right now… girl’s a fantastic swimmer and apparently runner now, too) I remember pre-cross-country Eleni and I would run alongside each other and we’d always be the first girls back. I think I’m good at a mile… but distance running just takes a lot out of you. ): But I’ll get better~

ASPB Event Tonight! Free bowling for student’s at Zodo’s from 9:30-12. I think this means no bike ride for me today but that’s OOOOK ‘cus my legs need a break for one night. πŸ˜€

Good Morning America!

Heyyyy. I’m feeling kinda energetic right now. Not gonna lie, I took a five-hour “nap” just now. Haha and now that I’m awake it’s time to start homework, after blogging of course.

I got both my midterm and oral performance grades back. On the latter I got 14/15, which is an A-, and on the midterm also got an A- or B+, but not sure on the number out of 50 because we had to turn those back in. Honestly, neither were ~that~ hard, but at the same time I was really freaking out about them. So much so I lost sleep over it. Been having lots of Japanese-class related nightmares lately, ugh. Not pleasant at all!

Worked yesterday and we had just under 200 people at the movie! Not as great as last week, where the final count was 303, but still pretty good for a summer movie, I think! And just gonna reiterate, but I frick’n looove going up on stage and making the announcements. hahaha… I dun gots stage fright really (I say this now, but if I had to memorize lines I’d forget the moment I went up there). The movie was pretty long! 2.5 hrs. And I’d already seen Narnia: Prince Caspian so I couldn’t toletare watching it again; it’s not that great, tbh.

Instead I chit-chatted with Se, wrote in my moleskine, and then called Elizabeth. In all we were on the phone for two hours, talking even after the movie ended and I went home. Haha… chatter boxes, fo’ sho. Love that chica to the extreme. ^_^ Without her I’d probably say I had no true close friends. :shock:

Yeahyeahyeah… time to get to business.

Oh, and argh… was gonna type up what I wrote in my moleskine, but already talked about it with Elizabeth. Seriously, getting REALLY bad at typing up hand-written/elsewhere-written entries. :< Moment I find time I’ll get to it!

Strong Intent On Dropping Me Back Down

A little more depression. Spending time with boardies today helped a little.

Restrictions by Merrit Malloy:

[S]he thinks ‘being strong’
is holding back
and hiding our feelings
when ‘being strong’ has always been
letting go and allowing our feelings
to be
Internal bleeding is
always more
…Even joy becomes a burden
when you can’t

Kayleigh let me read a book of poetry by Merrit Malloy she owns today while we were chillin’ at Anisqo’yo park. It was nice just spending the afternoon with boardies. *yawns* Technically we were “working” – we had an event: Open Mic, but it was mostly just us hanging around while some people sang, read poetry, played instruments, etc.

Mm, I have “work” again at 9… Security for the Magic Lantern movie. I did it yesterday night as well and after everyone was inside I got to watch the movie. Lulz. Such a chill job. ASPB rox my sox. (:

My mom came by earlier to drop off some stuff for me. Ugh, she basically came for an hour, transferred as much negative energy as possible and left. UGHHHH. That woman kills me. All she does is complain and talk shit about as many people as possible. Seriously. WTF.

@violetmae just twittered about some site Now Do This. Talk about super simple and cute!! I love it~

I constantly like to reason things emotionally. Badddd. It’s been a while since I last wrote in my moleskine. That’s what I should do when I get back from work at midnight. Hmhmhm.

Lately I just barely even have time to eat… and yeah my jeans were a little bit looser but I didn’t really pay much attention… but then a few days ago I put on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller and uh they fit. Yey? Haha… not exactly planned weight loss but whatever. I dun care. xD;

It’s been getting harder and harder to keep talking with Elizabeth. I call her during the little free time I have or in the minutes between when I’m walking to class. =\ This weekend I’ll definitely try to call her … Ack and last night when I got back from work and I was doing homework Eric wanted to call me but I had to be all, “Nuuuuh, hwwww!” and I feel kinda bad (even if we mostly always talk about the same subject and he annoys me most days).

Blame it on bad luck and shake responsibility.
Do you ever wake up to realize your life is meaningless?

Tralalala. Hey love, I miss you<3


Week two. I’m not as stressed, but it is crunch time. Just this week and next left and then I’m done with Session E. I have to say I’m doing quite well in Japanese, getting excellent marks and such. (: It certainly is intense, but the good thing is it’s hard to forget the material when you’re quizzed every single day (forreal). Keep up with the pace.

I have another quiz in Ital 114X tomorrow and I’m a bit nervous… but I’ll definitely be studying from 12 to 4 before class. Though I can proudly say tomorrow that I have read Inferno by Dante. And then move on to Purgatorio. Yeeahh. (:

Mm, showed another movie at IV Theater today. ‘Twas good. Wish Publicity would do more advertising, though. And heyyy I get paid to go watch a movie every week – who doesn’t love that? (: $25 for 2.5 hours. Boooomb. Hahaha. I love AS Program Board.

There are two quizzes tomorrow for me. Probably I should be doing homework or studying at the very least. My mind is definitely elsewhere at the moment. Mainly been doing a lot of writing in my spare time. Yey for that. Staying off ze i-nets has been different, if anything.

I could not help but notice a serious lack of depression lately. This makes me incredibly happy, but a lil’ weary, too… that this is the calm before the storm. *shrugs* Let’s just hope I’m on the happier side of the spectrum for some time to come. Er… though I’m noticing I’m just a bit more apathetic that I’d like, and a little bit more cruel (it’s not that noticeable to others as I keep it under wraps), but still. That’s just the way my brain balances me out then I guess.

Today Ryan S. was discussing blindness, color blindness, etc. before the movie began and we had an interesting debate… but it need not be retold. Needless to say my interest is piqued and I think I’ll be learning something of color theory in color blind people in Philosophy of Mind fall quarter. (;

There is much to do!! *runs off to multi-task*