Work-Life Balance

If I could use a Hashtag right now, it’d be #sephoravalues. Just a side note, because I love hashtags. Hahaha… occasionally a hashtag will make its way into my every day conversation. Slightly awkward, but fun.


Right. Let me walk away from the hashtags…

My work-life balance includes late-night after-work hangs with friends, taking care of the mother effing dishes (whoooo love it when they’re all clean!), washing my face, and doing a FACE MASK! (: I’m currently sporting Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior on my face. The garlic odor stings my eyes, that’s for damn sure. UH… LOVING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW? YESSSS!

Thanksgiving is coming uppp in just a few days! I’m so excited to go home… I haven’t gone back in so long! There just isn’t enough time, but since it’s a holiday no work and hence a reason to go home, too. Though I work Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon so it is for only a day. That’s all that is needed, really though. A good family dinner to appreciate them all the more. Cherish the small moments or whatever, right?

I already know what I’m wearing! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and let me wear what I want on Thursday, Thanksgiving.

Wake up time is pretty early tomorrow, as I have class at 9:30 so I best go to sleep soooooon (like now). And then I work at 1~ WOOT! And tomorrow is also pay day at Lush. And Friday is pay day at Sephora. Brb, hella excited. Slightly. But only slightly because I have a ridiculous amount of bills to pay. Shopping addictions aren’t free! D:

I think I got glitter in my eyes… Did I mention this is the season of GLITTER?

Light the Incense

Usually there’s something worth moping about. My classic black Oxford booties are gorgeous, make me taller, and provide a chic menswear-inspired feminine touch to my life. They make me feel like an adult. And that’s what I’ve wanted all my life. My apartment exudes the most wonderful energy. My legs are buttery smooth (as a random side note of goodness). Paramore’s new album, ‘brand new eyes’ makes me want to dance, but so does everything else. I feel like an adult. This is dramatic and HUGE. I finally feel at home.

There are no better words to describe what I mean.

Let’s enjoy life.

The Salon

Is greater jealousy a sign of greater love?

Questions like the one above were asked in 17th and 18th century Salons in France in which the upperclass spent their days. The question was posed to me and my classmates by my professor yesterday in my French 50BX class (literature class).

Many people are inclined to say no to the question. I think my opinion is similar, but I do believe that jealousy in moderation reaffirms a great love. Someone said, in class yesterday, that jealousy meant you didn’t trust your lover. I completely disagree with that; it assumes that jealousy gives rise to distrust and I don’t believe that’s the case. What I believe is that a little jealousy is healthy and common. It’s perfectly natural to feel like your love is yours and yours alone. That’s the purpose of marriage after all – fidelity – so why shouldn’t they be all yours? That twinge of jealousy just means you feel a sense of urgency and danger, and we are animals that feel threatened naturally.

Though I’ve never been “in love” so I can’t speak from experience about any of this. All I can ever do is make my best through-introspection guess.

Dissociative Amnesia

“Oh my god, why am I in therapy again?”

Those were the words that kept crossing my mind as I sat in the waiting room, with my hands shaking. I pretended to read the newspaper but I felt nauseous, and most definitely I needed to cry. For a whole year, I’ve been FINE. Now all of a sudden I’m depressed.

All day today I was super restless and I couldn’t concentrate. Then in Psych class I started feeling sad… I was just taking notes.

I have such a headache.

I resolved to make an appointment with my good ol’ therapist Dr. Bimbela. Coming back from 2pm I figured it was better to make the appointment sooner than later. The appointment time? 2:30. I didn’t have enough time to feel “prepared.” It was strange seeing him again… like a recurring nightmare, only not scary. Just… come on… it’s therapy! And I’m going again. I have an appointment scheduled for an hour next week and then half hour the week after that. It’s a time-consuming CHORE to be depressed. This isn’t what I need (the depression) right now.

Let’s just forget this all happened.


On the brighter side of life.

Last night Rona and I went to Aroma Bakery Cafe in the Valley at about a quarter to midnight. It’s this lovely classy-casual place where the patrons smoke their cigarettes, drink their coffee, sit seductively, and have a laugh. I did most of those as well; gotta fit in you know? Unfortunately Rona and I weren’t carrying our Djarums so we couldn’t pretend to be quite as cool as everyone else.

The valet man was a goddamn riot.

Good times.

(If I’m having good times why the hell am I depressed? I still appreciate all the fun everyday occurences but… underlying all that I’m just frustrated at life!)

O hai still reading? Lemme tell you, Rona and I found the most potent butter uhm ever. No elaboration needed.