The Salon

Is greater jealousy a sign of greater love?

Questions like the one above were asked in 17th and 18th century Salons in France in which the upperclass spent their days. The question was posed to me and my classmates by my professor yesterday in my French 50BX class (literature class).

Many people are inclined to say no to the question. I think my opinion is similar, but I do believe that jealousy in moderation reaffirms a great love. Someone said, in class yesterday, that jealousy meant you didn’t trust your lover. I completely disagree with that; it assumes that jealousy gives rise to distrust and I don’t believe that’s the case. What I believe is that a little jealousy is healthy and common. It’s perfectly natural to feel like your love is yours and yours alone. That’s the purpose of marriage after all – fidelity – so why shouldn’t they be all yours? That twinge of jealousy just means you feel a sense of urgency and danger, and we are animals that feel threatened naturally.

Though I’ve never been “in love” so I can’t speak from experience about any of this. All I can ever do is make my best through-introspection guess.


Spring quarter is beautiful.

My classes:

  • Swimming
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Freedom/Determinism
  • Advanced Philosophy of Mind
  • Psychopathology

I login only to update my plugins because it irks me when it says something like 7 plugins need updates. Sometimes I’ll feel like blogging, but usually I’m so far away from my computer the words and thoughts aren’t captured. They’re only relevant for so long.

Being 20 is the best thing ever. Last night I made an apple pie. Friends and I decided to get high a few times (lmao omfg let’s not discuss). I love the sun. I have new hobbies. Life is wonderful. Living in a beach town is refreshing.

There is so much to appreciate. (:

I’ll try to keep this updated, at least for my sake.

Breathe my spirit, breathe.

Love is in the air tonight so just breathe.

Lovely Blindside lyrics aside, I just got back from my jogging class. After shower numero dos (#2) it still feels like there is a ruptured hole in my lungs. As I got back I was coughing lightly and it was like “zomgzz *heavy breathing*” but now it’s just mild discomfort. Today we did a timed mile. I always just jog 2 miles, but specifically Coach wanted to time us today to see how much we improve by the time the class is over. So yes… I ran. ^^; Maybe I should get myself used to running instead of jogging. -_-; It would have been the smarter thing to do but whatever.

Unfortunate side-effect of losing weight and going out to run at NOON :mad: is that I am now tanned and my jeans are falling off. Hahaha… the latter I don’t mind so much (oooh shopping anyone?) but my tan is AWKWARD! 0:

Ooh so last night I was panicking & stuff wondering when I have my health midterm… it’s on Thursday. *dies* I have so much fucking reading to do for that class it’s not even mildly amusing. ):

Ooooh but we’re getting our take-home midterm for Phil of Mind this weekend and it’s due on the 27th! I am so excited. *dances*

Seriously, I could sit with you and a cup of coffee and talk philosophy, all night long. (; Seriously, I’m surprised at how I remember everything I’ve been taught thus far… 0:

I have a study plan: Later today I’m going to blog about what I’ve been learning in health psych. In conversational form. That always helps me. *sniffles* ‘Cus no one can be bothered enough to bore them to death with details of health psych. So far it’s all this physiological shit and it’s like arrghhh ok whatever. XD That makes no sense whatsoever but eh. ^_^;

As comfortable as my pink bathrobe is it’s time to get ready to go to the very dreaded class I was talking about: Health Psych.