Some High Class, And A Little Hooch

Alright I have to start off by saying that the veganism did not stick. More and more I found myself disagreeing with the vegan ideology. And so I hit it and quit it.

DSC03988.JPGLast weekend at The Water Grill was simply amazing!! For appetizers we had two different kind of oysters, and both were delicious! I didn’t really have a preference… they were just good! (I tried remember what kind of oysters they were but it’s been a while, it’s almost 3 in the morning and I can barely type…) And the bread was perfectttt. I could just like live off of bread, that’s how much I love it, so even though it may seem insignificant it’s very important to me to like my bread. Kay, and then for my first course I had White Chowder with Manila Clams, Weiser Farm Potatoes, and Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon. Deeeelicious! It was so creamy and flavorful; I loved it. Then for a main course I had Roasted Free Range Jidori Chicken Breast. Gooood stuff! And very seafood/meat oriented. If I was there at a really nice restaurant I might as well have enjoyed… hahaha.

Wicked was so entertaining and I really loved it. We sat in the orchestra section, near the stage, but not too close that you can’t see well. It was perfect! Oh goodness, I loved the songs and the storyline. (: Galinda was definitely my favorite just because she was so DARN cuuuute. For those that haven’t heard of Wicked, it was a musical playing at the Pantages theatre for quite a while, and it’s about the “Wicked Witch of the West” from The Wizard of Oz. It was the nicest thing and I’m so appreciative that I was able to go!

Anyway, I am back at my apartment in Santa Barbara by my college campus and let me tell you… even though I only have classes on two days of the week the days are jam-packed with reading and homework. It’s really very stressful… but at least I have four-day weekends to sort of catch up on reading I’m not able to complete during the week. But for sure I am ON IT with the reading… The stuff is really interesting. I’ll write an entire post on my classes soon though since I looove them so freaking much. (:

Alright tonight (or since it’s 3am, last night) my friends and I went to a semi-formal queer party at The Hub, on campus. I loooooved it! Sandy and I danced most of the time but other times I just mingled and danced with some queer boys or lesbians… lol. All I have to say is that a queer boy totally grabbed my vagina while we were dancing hahahaha… (*cough*SKYLAR*cough*). I totally know him… and geeeez he got a little too wild lmao… boy goes down all the way to the fucking floor. Hahaha. And then I danced with a tooon of other gay guys and some girls… including one girl named Carmen (the cutest Asian girl with a boy haircut), who took it upon herself to kiss me. lol. What a darn cutie. But blah… then I found out she’s slept with a friend of mine and then I was like UGH oh hell no. But anyway, besides that it was just so amazingly fun. I totally freak danced, which was a total first for me. It felt like everyone on the dance floor was just sexing it up with clothes on. xD But it was fun regardless so who cares! Ahhhh but I know I am going to be ridiculously sore later today… boooo. -_-;

Anyway, fun times!!!!! (: Ahhh and I went shopping yesterday, too. UGHHH I have a serious shopping addiction. It needs to be fixed, or I need to learn some self-control. Lol… ay.


Oh, my life

I love The Juliana Theory. I’m only sad they’re not together anymore. All good things must come to an end some time. I’d give you my hand if you’d reach out and grab it.

The Program Retreat took place this weekend during my birthday, which I was a little bummed about because I could have gone to Sacramento with people in AS. However, I had more fun with Program Board than I think I would have had had I gone with AS to Sacramento. We only went like an hour north to Oxnard, but the hotel and restaurant we went to were really nice.

Saturday afternoon we left from the Program Board office and arrived at The Whale’s Tail at around 2pm. At that time we started our meeting and kept that up for two hours. I had not eaten anything so far that day so I was seriously hungry. Luckily we got some appetizers at 4pm and then continued the meeting for another hour. Basically we talked about Extravaganza ’08 and the Spring Event line-up. Finally at 6pm we had dinner. Delicious!

Towards the end they got me a mini-cake and sang happy birthday and all that. Hah, ’twas cute!

After six hours at the restaurant we finally left and went to Golf ‘n Stuff (miniature golfing). Lots of funnn. After we finished the course we all got on the bumper cars. I was doing so well until the end… lmao. Mike started slowing down so I did as well because I couldn’t really pass him. By that time the rest of the group caught up, and the brakes were so shifty… and Paula and I crashed into each other. >_>; Awkward… right at the very end where everyone can see you. Lol. At the arcade there I saw amazing DDR players. It makes me miss playing so badly! However, until I can do something about my PS2 I can’t play. (I haven’t been very active in trying to open it with something.)

Anyway, at 9pm I called Twinkie to wish him a happy birthday. That fool’s in the Eastern time zone so it was technically both of our birthdays all at once! (: I don’t call him Twin-kie for nothin’.

When we got back to the hotel it wasn’t that late so the other people went to go get alcohol and they partied it up. Lol… I just stayed in my hotel room (alone!) talking to Elizabeth for an hour and a half on the phone. By the time we finished talking it was 1:30am and I was just really tired so I went to sleep.

I’m pretty sure I was the first to wake up out of the 22 of us. lol… I’m probably the one that got the most rest &all that. I set my alarm to 8am, knowing that on a Sunday it would take me an hour to wake up. Sure enough I got up sometime around 9 and started getting ready/dressed for breakfast. The breakfast was aites, but I got full way too fast so I didn’t really enjoy much of anything.

Afterward we all went to the parking lot underground to put all our stuff in the car. We had to line up and hold onto the shoulders of the person in front of us. Our eyes were closed. The person at the very front of the line was the only one who could see and they had to lead us. When there were stairs they would have to tell the person behind them and so on. It was pretty dope. Everyone got to lead for a little while and by the time I started leading we were on the beach. Sandddyy that’s for sure.

We played so many games and just bonded♥ It was so much fun. (: Loved it!!

On the drive back lots of old songs (and by that I mean 90s) were playing and it was just so chill and awesome. (Listen to The Cranberries – Dreams) Weekend = success.

Btw, it took me 4 hours to write this entry… lmao. Ballet stretches, dinner, TV, chillaxing, etc. However, at one point I did fall off my chair… and it hit my chin. That hurt for all of like half an hour. ): At least I didn’t die. It could have been worse; I shook the TV stand and no joke all that shit could’ve fallen on me. lol…

Oh, my life is changing everyday, in every possible way.

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