Font Rendering in Firefox 3 on Windows

I’ve been using Firefox 3 for quite some time on my macbook, and everything was working smoothly (minus a few non-working addons, but that’s expected). Anyway, Firefox 3 final release was released yesterday and I took this opportunity to download and install it for my Windows PC this morning.

Immediately I was sorely disappointed by the font display and the great inconsistency between it and the mac version of FF3. Heart-strutter.org looks absolutely horrifying in FF3 (on Windows) and maybe someone can tell me why. I have ClearType off in Vista, by the way. Turning it on just made it look slightly less bold, but it still looks bold nonetheless.

Taking the same block of text this is what my domain looks like across three browsers:

Firefox 3 on Windows:

Internet Explorer 7:


Opera 9.5:

By far my favorite is Opera 9.5. This is the way my text lookED in FF2 and the way it looks on the mac version of FF3. The font name is Garamond just in case you can’t tell. At first I even thought there was an accidental open b or strong tag, but that’s clearly not the case. I’m considering rolling back to FF2 because of this, but there has to be a fix! I’m going to check Flock in a moment as well.

Anyyy help is appreciated. I’ll be googling a bit more, but so far I can only find people having this problem on Linux. Uh… while I use Ubuntu, Windows is clearly not the same as Linux.

Edit: I filed a bug on Mozilla’s Bugzilla and that can be found here, but it’s kind of a duplicate of this bug here (except for me it’s not Arial, but Garamond).