Known for my love of pushups, I have decided to take the 100 Pushup Challenge. Quite randomly Edgar decided to tell me about this challenge that he started up on Tuesday and I have joined him, starting today. It will take approximately six weeks, but by the end of it I should (hopefully) be able to do one hundred consecutive push-ups. It sounds like a dream come true, right? Just thinking about it makes me happy inside. *giggles* I’m eager to get started on this.

Admittedly, my core body strength is probably at an all-time low given how many push-ups I did during the initial test. Uhm, that number will remain confidential because otherwise I’ll feel endless shame. I take this sort of stuff seriously. I’ve done my pushups for today. I think this first week I’m going to do them on consecutive days so that I don’t throw off my weeks by splitting them in half (because I’m starting on a Thursday and you should do it every other day).

Today is my mother’s 38th birthday. Considering I’m 19, she’s still pretty darn young. I love that about her, though. I actually got to experience the years of my mother’s youth. I saw her youthful beauty, got to see her live her life, and we actually got to do stuff. I mean parents that are currently about 50 something had their children in their 30s and well by that age, you’re just sort of tired and done having fun or somethin’.

So, I’ve been making it a point to watch TV. Hah… So, I’m watching 90210, ANTM, (maybe Privileged), Fringe, and (maybe) True Blood. Thank goodness for DVR! I can’t watch them all at the same time yannoe. And usually I’m busy at night exercising and stuff so it’s good to come back and watch those shows while you’re dripping in sweat. Well okay so I don’t sweat that intensely, but it feels better sitting down in front of the TV ~after~ working out. Makes it feel less unhealthy. (:

New task: I need to learn to be happy for others without thinking how it affects me.

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Don’t be silly – life’s just exciting.

Wow. I am so incredibly tired. It’s been a long day at UC Berkeley for UC Student Congress 2008. We flew in yesterday night, took a couple HUNDRED pictures (seriously, no joke), went to bed close to 2:30am, and then I woke up at 7:30am. ): I’m so tired of lacking sleep. For the first time in my life I actually appreciate sleep! Woah, I’m getting old.

New friends, lots of inspiration, so many ways to make a difference. This conference is until Sunday. Good stuff. Except I’m so damn tired!!

Ooh my friend Mark from high-school attends Cal and he’s here for the summer so we’ll probably be hanging out sometime tomorrow or Saturday. (: Yeyey!

Argh man… I have so many entries to type up… I don’t even feel like it. ): SOOO much work. It’s past the half year mark and I can’t believe NOW I’m getting lazy with this daily routine. It’s not even that hard. ):

Classes start Monday for me. I’m pretty stressed. My class schedule is way crazy. And two jobs. And just overall busy life. *sigh* Whatever, I don’t like to discuss THIS on my blog. I’m sensitive about it. Hahaha…

Night ya’ll.

Some pics for your entertainment:

Me, Quinn, Paulina

Quinn, Mayra (top), Me (bottom), Paulina

Mayra (top left), Quinn, Me, Paulina

Aww, love QUINN so much!!! And Paulina is so mod and cute. Looool @ her doing “call me ;)”. And aww Mayra didn’t really feel up to taking that many pics. Psssh.

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But That’s Not All.

I know I have my 101 goals in 1001 days, but occassionally I need to make goals impulsively. Maybe I just like to challenge myself, do something new all the time, or just maybe I’m a fickle and capricious person. No matter the reason goals keep me alive.

And I just remembered I can’t possibly kill myself (okay wow random I know! I’m not depressed at all atm, btw)… because I have a long-standing promise with both Elizabeth and Matthew. Not only do I have to be alive to wait for a particular phone call … and to make a call… (Uhm, my brain is tired… sorry if this makes NO SENSE.)

  1. From July 2nd to August 2nd I’m going to eat vegetarian. No particular reason whatsoever. And I don’t care about animals/animal cruelty.
  2. Starting next week I’m going to the gym three times a week with Gloria, Mayra, and Rona. And when they come back also with Sandy, David, and Hailey. The latter three are damn dedicated. (:
  3. I need to read at least five books this summer to catch up with my whole “Read 12 books this year” goals… Books planned:
    • Need to finish Mount Misery asap. Argh, it’s just so long!
    • The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Volume 1: Inferno
    • The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Volume 2: Purgatorio
    • August Read on Online Literature Forum Book Club
    • September Read on Online Lit. Forum Book Club

And that is all. For now. #1 is a lil’ intense but I did it before so it’s not a big deal. Right now I’m gonna go get the keys to my apartment!! (:

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Hypomania: A Likely Culprit

I feel rather good about myself today. Imperfections and all. You know, acceptance. I like myself as a human today. Considering this, I am going to take this opportunity to identify 20 things I like about myself. This is one of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days and it’s about time this simple task was completed.

  1. I like how pretty and pink my lips are.
  2. I like how virtuous I am (and having a personal moral code and sticking to it).
  3. I like the variety that is my music taste.
  4. I like being so logical about other people’s problems, yet being able to empathize.
  5. I like being so petite.
  6. I like that I’m a Pisces (traits that supposedly come with the package – if you believe in that stuff).
  7. I like the fact that I’m such a good listener. I appreciate this quality in myself a lot.
  8. I like the way I dance.
  9. I like my photography skills (even though there is room for improvement still of course).
  10. I like being able to be really funny/silly and profound/serious; makes me very approachable for anything.
  11. I like how cutesy I am (in all respects).
  12. I like the fact that I make a lot of goals to live my life, AND follow through with them.
  13. I like being bipolar – it adds some kind of depth somehow somewhere to my personality.
  14. I like the way I accept being wrong, or accepting when I’ve made mistakes.
  15. I like being able to feel as much as I do.
  16. I like the way I do my makeup (I got skillz!).
  17. I like it that I give people compliments all the time (and yes, I am sincere about it).
  18. I like the way I’m growing up (maturing and the way I’m turning out as an adult).
  19. I like having the ability to change people’s lives (for the better, I hope).
  20. I like being so introspective and extrospective (also, being very observant).
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