Okay. It’s happened. I’m excited about decorating my space… my new home. MY HOME. Like, my permanent residence. Like, everything in dat place is mine. Owned. What a weird sensation.

I need like a bajillion things – mainly food… and shower curtains. I had like 10 boxes of food… and yet they all contained a myriad of flours for baking and spices galore… but I have no real actual food… And then I realized showering was going to be extremely awkward and a very wet experience sans shower curtains… This morning was interesting to say the least. But at least I won’t have to squeegee any glass.

Despite the necessities the more exciting parts are the details.

LINEN, for example.

I love linen t-shirts, especially the ones from Madewell. So it’s a given that my most comfortable attire is made from this natural fabric.

So enter: linen bedsheets. They’re something I had previously considered but I was always put off because linen has a tendency to wrinkle (not my t-shirts, but just in general)… and they do look a little more casual being a very matte fiber… but! something about the breathable properties of linen makes my heart all nice and warm.

I don’t even know where to begin finding high quality well-priced sustainably-made linen bedding.

Links for reference, but I have to do some research on the quality of linen and differences and establish just what I am looking for anyway. Wrinkled sheets are shmexxi right?

I’m certain there are countless linen specialty shops… but since this is my first foray into linensville I don’t know the difference from one to the other…

I have a feeling this new living situation is going to be a long journey… and lots and lots of work.


I haven’t had a single moment of just pure rest & relaxation for exactly 9 days. Meaning I haven’t seen “home” for longer than a handful of minutes (except to sleep for a handful of hours) for that many days.

It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong. But perhaps cherry season is the wrong time to be really active and really social and really fit life.

It’s always stack on stack on stack hangs.

Friday was Work, baby-length nap, hang with Ketta&Luis, then hang with the book club for board games until 2am. Then Saturday was work, exercise, pool party, dinner, Les Miserables (which lasted three fucking hours and though I loved it… my brain was just like… when does this end – 11pm is the answer). Then I ran to the market at 11pm at night to get ripe bananas. Then Sunday I woke up at 6:30 to bake some pastries, headed to church for Family Fun Day, then went running with Sheridan in Long Beach. Then made a light dinner, then headed back to Long Beach for more board game fun until – GET THIS: 9pm. That was like a MIRACLE… I just left early… I don’t think my brain could handle anything more.

This morning there was the stream of work related emails and text messages which is ALWAYS a ruff morning… it feels like sleep deprivation regardless of the amount of hours of Zzz I actually got.

Then I get to go home for a handful of hours and I PRAY: nap. Then it’s barre class at 4:30.

Then tomorrow… tomorrow, I’m skipping my Obon dance practice to PACK. Because I’m moving on Sunday the 29th of June.

Lol. I mean… Holy fuck. WHO MOVES DURING CHERRY SEASON? Because I’m so overwhelmed right now and I’m praying my barre class is more like yoga for the mind today because srsly I can’t even stop and slow down for one minute because things are happening in the office – lots of cherries. So many cherries.

*takes a deep breath*

What’s in your heart?


Hello, gorgeous~ I watched Twilight again on Monday, but this time with David, Sandy, and Hailey!! The first time the acting was horrible as was the directing, but the second time since I was with friends that made it more exciting… and I was so focused on RPattz so that made a world of difference. David and I had to hold hands during certain parts because it was too much to handle! At a few points I think David was even lightly biting my hand hahaha… And I was literally squealing like a little girl. Haha… and it was a little awkward but only because there were only 8 people in the movie theater in all (with 4 of us we were half the crowd). Haha, I think Hailey kept saying, “My vagina is quivering” and I felt sort of bad because I think there was a little kiddy a few rows down. Lmao.

Watching Twilight again reaffirmed my love for Edward Cullen. *dreamy sigh* When I got back all I could do was daydream and suffice to say… *ahem* I definitely dreamt of him that night. Hahaha. ~Awkward~

It’s so great turning on my phone… his beautiful face is my wallpaper. It’s also my wallpaper for my Macbook and PC. And Rony has a poster on her side of the room. (: Edward Cullen’s face is everywhere I turn and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (:

Today I got my 42″ HDTV!! I luff it to pieces!~ It’s such a joy watching TV now… I definitely don’t have to squint. Hell I don’t even have to look that hard because it’s just like overwhelmingly there. Hahaha

I am so incredibly bored right now… I’m watching Christmas in Rockefeller Center on ABC right now. *shrugs* There isn’t much else on until 10pm when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show begins on CBS. David Cook sings really well, at least… And wow… after listening to the song I have a new top favorite Christmas song!

It’s his version of a John Lennon classic, “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”


Thank goodness I found it on Youtube because I don’t think you can download it anywhere and I love it to pieces…. AH!

Mm, listening to good ol’ KOST 103.5 streaming online now. (: Geez, I miss SoCal. This whole “central coast” business that is Santa Barbara isn’t too fun. Ahhh just a week and a half more and I get to go back home. *sigh* I want to be back so badly…

OMG! Anyway, this past weekend I bought a gray peacoat!!! Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but OMGGGG I love it to pieces! Peacoats are absolutely beautiful and comfortable and WARM!! There are no pictures of it available at AE.com (I got it at American Eagle) but it’s just so *perfect*

Coincidentally David also got a peacoat and it’s black. It’s TOO FIERCE TO HANDLE! (: Hahaha

Anyway, to elaborate on the bolded sentence… It’s so great being home!! My brother and I are incredibly fun together. We go to the pool and swim laps together or just play around and then go to the jacuzzi. Or we play Call of Duty: World at War together, or he lets me play Fallout 3 and gives me tips. *sad face* I feeeed him because he’s having weight issues (he’s thin but thinks he’s fat and watches calories – Mom thinks he may be anorexic… ackk!). And then you know… it’s just great being in the comforts of other people since I’m mostly always alone in the apartment. I don’t do so well alone. *sigh* And even my Aunt El and Mom are pleasant! I want to be home so badlyyyy.

I mean after winter break it’s back to UCSB. ): I wanna be HOME permanently you know?

(As a side note to self: I still can’t get him out of my head blah!)

I’ll Be Leaving Soon

Sunday already. It feels like I have to go back to UCSB immediately, even though I still have another day. Hm, except everyone works tomorrow so it’s almost the same as going back on a Sunday night.

Hm, long and very fun day today.  But I’ll make a list.

  • Late morning start.
  • Coffee
  • Transferring of songs b/w aunt & myself
  • Nail salon
  • Target
  • Movie theater (Jumper)
  • Food
  • Back at aunt’s to eat food
  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s
  • Relaxing

(: At different times throughout the day I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s a strange feeling. And at the most random of times, too. =\ I felt rather foolish, and I don’t think I can blame the sun. Omg, lol @ that line. But yeahyeah, I feel foolish for smiling so sporadically and no one exactly knows why so I prob. look really gay.

Hayden Christensen is so so so soooo sexy. The end(:

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