Good Morning America!

Heyyyy. I’m feeling kinda energetic right now. Not gonna lie, I took a five-hour “nap” just now. Haha and now that I’m awake it’s time to start homework, after blogging of course.

I got both my midterm and oral performance grades back. On the latter I got 14/15, which is an A-, and on the midterm also got an A- or B+, but not sure on the number out of 50 because we had to turn those back in. Honestly, neither were ~that~ hard, but at the same time I was really freaking out about them. So much so I lost sleep over it. Been having lots of Japanese-class related nightmares lately, ugh. Not pleasant at all!

Worked yesterday and we had just under 200 people at the movie! Not as great as last week, where the final count was 303, but still pretty good for a summer movie, I think! And just gonna reiterate, but I frick’n looove going up on stage and making the announcements. hahaha… I dun gots stage fright really (I say this now, but if I had to memorize lines I’d forget the moment I went up there). The movie was pretty long! 2.5 hrs. And I’d already seen Narnia: Prince Caspian so I couldn’t toletare watching it again; it’s not that great, tbh.

Instead I chit-chatted with Se, wrote in my moleskine, and then called Elizabeth. In all we were on the phone for two hours, talking even after the movie ended and I went home. Haha… chatter boxes, fo’ sho. Love that chica to the extreme. ^_^ Without her I’d probably say I had no true close friends. :shock:

Yeahyeahyeah… time to get to business.

Oh, and argh… was gonna type up what I wrote in my moleskine, but already talked about it with Elizabeth. Seriously, getting REALLY bad at typing up hand-written/elsewhere-written entries. :< Moment I find time I’ll get to it!

Doing The Day Differently

Yo. I’m done with my homework before 12?! Not even I can believe it. Crazy stuff. Though I did start at 9:30-ish… as I was watching SYTYCD. And then I made food at like 10:40-ish so that required another break… but anyway! I’m doneeee…

Oh, wow. And I took something like a 5 hour nap, too… I decided early on in the day that no matter what I would get ~some~ rest. Well… the day started out all sunny or whatever and that’s when I fell asleep. I dreamt about having lunch with Peters-san, and Massey-san… and we were memorizing kanji (ugh awful school-related dream right?)… and when I woke up the sky looked pale blue almost like morning and I TOTALLY PANICKED and thought for a second it was morning already and I hadn’t done my hw or studied or worse yet, was late for class. The nap was pretty long so when I awoke I didn’t even remember heading to bed or how/why I was in bed to begin with… and yeah, it was a scary moment in my day. Lmao.

By this time it was 7-something… and I naturally got on Navii (name of my PC)… but found myself too quickly overwhelmed by all the shit I could ~possibly be doing online… and then got bored right away. SOOO then I looked at the time and it was time for SYTYCD.

DUDE. WOAH. Most epic finale uhm, ever?! Mary Murphy danced. Nigel Lythgoe danced!!!! Like srsly?! o_o; It was cuhrazzyyy stuff. Just blew me away. People from EVERY SINGLE SEASON were there and they all danced together… it was so magical!! <3 The judges’ favorite routines were danced again… some of theee best ones, too!! Ah, and The Jonas’ Brothers played. Two poppers battled. And finally… it came down to Courtney, Katee, Joshua, and Twitch. Courtney was the first to be told she didn’t win. Then Katee didn’t win… BUT! they surprised her, and all of us by saying since she was the top female dancer she, too, would win $50k. And then… JOSHUA WON. Yeeeeeah boi. He’s beyond amazing. Seriously, so good. Joshua has so much potential, too. I think Court, Katee, and Josh were all 19… so fuckin’ young. And accomplishedddd. Damn.

Anyway, now that my homework IS done I still have to keep practicing my kanji. Kanji quiz tomorrow. The kanji are getting exponentially harder, some with 13 strokes. *cries* And we learn like 3 new grammar rules a day. It’s getting pretty intense. =\ Hanging in there, though.

Ja, ashita!

Oh yeah… what show do I watch now? ):

ANDDD… I love Twitter. I really do.

“I’m invisible until my box pops up in her face.”

I love Elizabeth.

Today was pretty chill.

Still watching Water Boys with the Japanese class.

I’m sleepy. I’m going to do my homework soon…





And that is all I have to say for today. I’m off point already… Need to remain focused!! がんばります!

Fall Awareness

I am soooo fucked. I just found out I have to read The Odyssey, The Iliad, Amphitryon, and The Aeneid, all for Classic Lit 30A in the fall. And wow yeah these are haaardcore classics. So hardcore I don’t want to read them anymore. Haha… I’ve alwayssss strayed from these precise books (never heard of the play ’till now) and now I get to read them… Oh such pain!

Anyyyway, Inferno is a delightful read so far. I have to admit I always read it when I’m dead tired, at night, though… and when I have class the next day it’s like er… ohhh so that’s what that means. >_>; Lol. We’re going at lightning speed but I think now that the first week is over I’m a lot less stressed and simply taking it day by day.

I had my Japanese midterm today. Yeeeeah. (; It felt like a piece of cake. And the oral interview from Friday – I got a 20/20. Easy breezy. I just have to keep studying kanji because I KNOW that’s the area in which I’m struggling the most. Worry not! for I have the cutest flashcards ever. Hahah… oh wow.

Trip to Vegas was so fuhreaking fun. (: The last few times the family has gone this year I’ve been unable to due to school, but whatevah… I just had to go this time. ^_^; I got back this morning at 8:30 and my midterm started at 9am. Oh so risky. >_x

Mmkies, sleep soon. And yesterday’s entry = pictures but it’s not published yet.

The multi-tasker’s demiseeee.