Some High Class, And A Little Hooch

Alright I have to start off by saying that the veganism did not stick. More and more I found myself disagreeing with the vegan ideology. And so I hit it and quit it.

DSC03988.JPGLast weekend at The Water Grill was simply amazing!! For appetizers we had two different kind of oysters, and both were delicious! I didn’t really have a preference… they were just good! (I tried remember what kind of oysters they were but it’s been a while, it’s almost 3 in the morning and I can barely type…) And the bread was perfectttt. I could just like live off of bread, that’s how much I love it, so even though it may seem insignificant it’s very important to me to like my bread. Kay, and then for my first course I had White Chowder with Manila Clams, Weiser Farm Potatoes, and Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon. Deeeelicious! It was so creamy and flavorful; I loved it. Then for a main course I had Roasted Free Range Jidori Chicken Breast. Gooood stuff! And very seafood/meat oriented. If I was there at a really nice restaurant I might as well have enjoyed… hahaha.

Wicked was so entertaining and I really loved it. We sat in the orchestra section, near the stage, but not too close that you can’t see well. It was perfect! Oh goodness, I loved the songs and the storyline. (: Galinda was definitely my favorite just because she was so DARN cuuuute. For those that haven’t heard of Wicked, it was a musical playing at the Pantages theatre for quite a while, and it’s about the “Wicked Witch of the West” from The Wizard of Oz. It was the nicest thing and I’m so appreciative that I was able to go!

Anyway, I am back at my apartment in Santa Barbara by my college campus and let me tell you… even though I only have classes on two days of the week the days are jam-packed with reading and homework. It’s really very stressful… but at least I have four-day weekends to sort of catch up on reading I’m not able to complete during the week. But for sure I am ON IT with the reading… The stuff is really interesting. I’ll write an entire post on my classes soon though since I looove them so freaking much. (:

Alright tonight (or since it’s 3am, last night) my friends and I went to a semi-formal queer party at The Hub, on campus. I loooooved it! Sandy and I danced most of the time but other times I just mingled and danced with some queer boys or lesbians… lol. All I have to say is that a queer boy totally grabbed my vagina while we were dancing hahahaha… (*cough*SKYLAR*cough*). I totally know him… and geeeez he got a little too wild lmao… boy goes down all the way to the fucking floor. Hahaha. And then I danced with a tooon of other gay guys and some girls… including one girl named Carmen (the cutest Asian girl with a boy haircut), who took it upon herself to kiss me. lol. What a darn cutie. But blah… then I found out she’s slept with a friend of mine and then I was like UGH oh hell no. But anyway, besides that it was just so amazingly fun. I totally freak danced, which was a total first for me. It felt like everyone on the dance floor was just sexing it up with clothes on. xD But it was fun regardless so who cares! Ahhhh but I know I am going to be ridiculously sore later today… boooo. -_-;

Anyway, fun times!!!!! (: Ahhh and I went shopping yesterday, too. UGHHH I have a serious shopping addiction. It needs to be fixed, or I need to learn some self-control. Lol… ay.


Winter Wonderland

No winter has ever been better! There have been no family fights and for the most part everything is going well. That means that I’ve also just been enjoying life without much time to get online or even blog! It’s hard to blog when just everything is going so well! My mood is pretty stable and it’s a consistent happy. (:

NOTE: There will be a lot of girly banter in this post. Do not proceed unless you like fashion/girly stuff. Skip to the second half, if you don’t like that sort of stuff.

On Saturday I dyed my hair again! I let my natural hair color grow out for about three months and finally I decided I needed some color in my hair again. It’s a really pretty light golden brown that reminds me of milk chocolate with perhaps some red undertones.

Between yesterday and today I spent over $300 on makeup. Now, I know that sounds crazy… but brushes are ridiculously expensive. I got the MAC 109 brush, which was $34! It’s a contouring brush, but I’m using it to apply my Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation for now until I get another bigger fluffier brush. I got a ton of products from Smashbox! I absolutely love their makeup and I cannot wait to try the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. The primer goes under your foundation. Also, I went to Sephora and purchased Urban Decay Potion Primer, which is used on the eyes as a primer to eyeshadow. I was using a cream-based base from MAC as my primer before and I really liked it but it was also a little too shiny. Today is my first time using the UDPP and so far it’s working great I think. None of my makeup has creased, and the actual product came on really nice and smooth. Oh yes… and I also bought the Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette. The palette comes with 88 different color eyeshadows! And it’s only $21! That’s such a deal! The Coastal Scents and Smashbox products I ordered so I just have to wait for them to come in the mail. (: Smashbox has a TON of free gifts if you order online so it’s really such a good deal, and their shipping is totally free!

As I put my makeup on today I realized I have about 3 or 4 MAC eyeshadows I’ve never used in my possession. I’ll work on wearing them more often, or at least trying out the colors. But I couldn’t today because my clothes is sorta bright today.

* * *

Saturday we had our grand ol’ Christmas party at the new house. We had about 60 guests in attendance I think. I invited Sandy, Gloria, Anna, Piale, David, Eric, Tim, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Jean, Pedro, and Vy. All of us were dancing all night long!! My high heels were thankfully surprisingly very comfortable. David and Piale definitely got drunk lol… it was quite amusing. Either way we ALL got down and just danced nonstop. Ahhhh it was so much more fun with my friends there. Otherwise I would have been the only one in my age range and that always sucks.

There was amazing catering from Panama Joe’s and a great bartender. I get so excited when we get their catering for all our parties because I am madly in love with the chimichanga appetizers. And the chicken and scalloped potatoes are just divine~ Seriously! Then we ordered fruit tarts and creme brulee from Tropicana Bakery & Cuban Cafe. Some people were kind enough to bring pies, too! And there was also a lot of chocolate. Brb, dying!! AHH, just remembering all the good food is kind of exciting. Lol… hahaha that is just too funny.

Anyway, we had a raffle, too. Every adult guest received one ticket to start off with, and then the more you danced the more tickets you got. We gave away some gift cards, a basket of some hardcore alcohol, an iPod Nano, Nikon Coolpix S60 (the touch screen digital camera), a Sony Blu-ray player, and last but not least a 40″ HDTV! I’m so happy because David won the Nikon digi-cam! We had some really amazing gifts for the give-away and I think everyone was pretty happy even if they didn’t win.

We also had an elf and a Santa Clause. All the children in attendance got presents from Santa Clause. (Ok so actually I picked all the presents for all the kiddies, but it was nice and cute~) Then my family surprised my Aunt El and snuck a present in Santa’s bag for her. It was a beautiful amethyst yellow gold ring.

Oh! also, I’d like to note that my aunt ordered snow to be delivered and placed on our front lawn. Lmao… so for a few days now we’ve had snow covering all our grass on the front lawn. Talk about extreme, and super funnnn! Hahaha

I cannot wait for Christmas in a few days!!! (:

(In sadder news, my little brother is anorexic. And we found out yesterday he’s also been throwing up the little that he did eat. So now he’s going to have a personal cook come over every day starting Friday to make sure that he eats because my mom works 12 hours a day at Kaiser Permanente so she can’t really cook for him or even check that he eats. He’s going to have many doctor appointments now, to ensure he gets back to a healthy weight and isn’t sick anymore. I won’t really elaborate on any personal thoughts.)

A Dream and With More Frequency

A few nights ago I dreamt I was in a relationship with an extremely cute boy. He was the nicest, most caring guy… to the point of annoyance somewhat. Really nice boys are very annoying. The ones that don’t give you any reason to be upset are painfully boring. In any case, that’s a different topic and I’m talking about someone specific. Back to my dream: This dreamed cute boyfriend of mine… I miss him. *sighs* The next night I was hoping of dreaming of him again, but sadly I had a dreamless sleep. This is the very first time I’ve ever dreamt of being in a relationship and it was… nice, pleasant, surprising, etc.

By no means am I feeling needy right now. Sure I have some stances on relationships (but I’ll not go into detail), and yeah it’d be nice to have a boyfriend but I’m sort of whatever on the matter. Actually it’s more of a resignation that it’s not really going to happen anytime soon, but let’s not delve into my cognitive distortions. So yeah as I was saying… I’m not being needy, so the dream really caught me off-guard! I don’t understand why I had it now of all times.

As of late, I’m either hallucinating or guys are being extra charming and flirtatious toward me. I don’t know why… or if it’s legitimate. *giggles* That really cute emo boy, “Hey, nice piercing…” with those really intense eyes that never stopped looking over at me all night. That tall attractive boy that leaned over towards me, “But it was worth it right?” with the cutest smile. Yeah… anyhow! I’m pretty sure I’m not dreaming this shit up right? It’s just awwwwkward!! I get sort of flustered and my cheeks turn red each time… gahhh. -_-; That’s so lame but whatever… hahaha, it adds color to my cheeks. ^_^

No one deserves to be alone for the holidays. *hugs my friends and family tightly* I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas party we’re throwing on Saturday. Anna, Gloria, Sandy, Vy, Jean, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Rona, and David (and maybe Eric and Tim), are coming!! W000t! College and high-school friends inter-mix and meet! It’ll be hella fun dancing… and hopefully a few of them are able to get presents. As always we’re raffling presents to guests and all the kids.

In fact, I spent ALL of today shopping and running errands with my aunt. We bought some things for the house (more rugs zomgz… they are so freaking heavy), and all the children’s presents. Picking out hella toys from stores made me feel like a little kid again hahaha. Oh fudge and we’re having a wrapping party on Thursday. I am *not* looking forward to that at all!!

Ahhh… the joys of shopping. I have some gift ideas… Must go shopping without any family members around… lol~