A Moving Picture


This is difficult.

Words came so easily to me before. I’m known for my words. But words require thought.

I lack thought. I’m full of apathy.

It’s taken a while to realize, but I never mind being alone except when I mind being alone. Everything feels better in my own time, at my own pace, of my own volition. Except it sometimes gets boring; that’s my only qualm.

So I proceed with trepidation.

The fewer words I use, the more I mean.

(In no way does this conflict with my newfound inner peace. Mere observations.)

Crush Worth Noting

Every time I see his beautiful smile or those baby blues I lose my breath. There’s a sweet loss of air and an extra heart palpitation to try to restore functioning to my body. I always go after the unattainable guy. Brb, fanning myself.

Matt Lanter plays Liam in the new 90210.



He can do the whole messy/preppy look and the clean/sexy look. I’ll take him any which way~ It’s very difficult to express the appeal without getting speechlessness caught in my throat. I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say I can hardly breathe just looking at him. Now… who knows what his personality is like? Hahahaha.

Leaf in the Wind

There isn’t much for me to say as of late. Life is continuing quite normally and beautifully. It’s funny, not having anything to say when things are going well. But I’m not, for any reason, going to convince myself that I need depression to write. My thoughts are so much clearer, I’m acting completely responsible and mature and life is great.

There is no need to dwell on what I am missing in life (if anything) and no need to convince myself that I have to write deeply and profoundly all the time. Since words aren’t necessarily coming to mind at this moment in my life, pictures must suffice. Looking back I hope I appreciate these captured memories and forgive my lack of effort in explaining where I am at this moment. The quality is not so great because all of these were taken with my iPhone.

No makeup. But still feeling pretty. I had to capture it.

Standing in front of our fireplace. I’m little and it’s really big. I thought it was funny. ^_^;

Eating healthy! And I’m a total fruit. Cranberry juice. Strawberries. Banana nut muffin sans the nuts (they weren’t to my liking).

Getting a little creative… (and a little romantic?? hahah)! Bowl filled with marbles with a candle in the center. (:

Bowl I made at Color Me Mine!! 😀 It’s lavender on the outside with purples flowers and super bright and cheery orange on the inside. I love this bowl!!

Diamond necklace Aunt Elvia gave me recently. It’s blurry because it’s hard to take pictures of diamonds… but there are 43 of them. I lovelovelove it.

Book my Uncle George gave me… hahahah. And another HDMI cable for me~

Heart-shaped chocolate cake my Aunt Mary made me for Valentine’s Day!!! 😀 It was yummy and super pretty because 2 year old Midori decorated it~

Heart-shaped ring that my aunt used to tie the bag the cake was in. 😀 Super cute right! Yep, my Aunt is the cutest thing~~!!

It’s been a long rainy day so hair waved up a little but I straightened my hair for the first time in almost a year!

I emailed the pic to my family (we email each other pics all the time looool <3 ) and my Aunt Meme said I look like this hispanic actress:


Yeah… I’ll take it!!! She’s beautiful!!!! 😀 Hahaha

And this has been a segment of my life since I’ve not blogged in a while.

Poker Face (Photo Heavy)

A string of pictures to explain in lesser words more things. None of the photos are photoshopped edited because I haven’t the time to do all that, so sorry if some look too yellow, etc.

The old look vs. my new hair color!

Day after the Saturday Christmas Party. Snow (we ordered it from Union Ice) on front lawn, and then at Aunt Maggie’s house for Midori’s 2nd birthday party (Aunt El, Mom, Me)

Little brother and I. Clearly, he is several inches taller than me! Haha ♥

The outfit and the look~ (Clearly, laundry basket there with clothes I need to hang/fold lol) My eyelashes touch my eyes hahaha I love my eyelashes~ (Hate how in the photo the blouse looks too poofy but it’s actually not bad irl hahaha)

Close-up of my makeup! (: [All new Smashbox makeup] And it lasted all day/night, as seen by the 2am second pic, with hot mess in the background haha.

Today’s makeup. Intense pink and black! Yepp, I’m wearing pink and black today hahaha.

There are lots of Christmas pics with my family but just for privacy I’m only posting self-portraits of Christmas Eve.

I ordered my makeup on Tuesday and it all arrived on Wednesday! It helps that their warehouse is just a few cities away~!! Smashbox is love. (:

As for Christmas, presents I got: white gold earrings, PS3 (I was the ONLY one in the family not to have one), iPod Classic 120GB yay, Moneeey, B&N Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, and Blu-ray movies for my PS3 haaay~! (: