Okay. It’s happened. I’m excited about decorating my space… my new home. MY HOME. Like, my permanent residence. Like, everything in dat place is mine. Owned. What a weird sensation.

I need like a bajillion things – mainly food… and shower curtains. I had like 10 boxes of food… and yet they all contained a myriad of flours for baking and spices galore… but I have no real actual food… And then I realized showering was going to be extremely awkward and a very wet experience sans shower curtains… This morning was interesting to say the least. But at least I won’t have to squeegee any glass.

Despite the necessities the more exciting parts are the details.

LINEN, for example.

I love linen t-shirts, especially the ones from Madewell. So it’s a given that my most comfortable attire is made from this natural fabric.

So enter: linen bedsheets. They’re something I had previously considered but I was always put off because linen has a tendency to wrinkle (not my t-shirts, but just in general)… and they do look a little more casual being a very matte fiber… but! something about the breathable properties of linen makes my heart all nice and warm.

I don’t even know where to begin finding high quality well-priced sustainably-made linen bedding.

Links for reference, but I have to do some research on the quality of linen and differences and establish just what I am looking for anyway. Wrinkled sheets are shmexxi right?

I’m certain there are countless linen specialty shops… but since this is my first foray into linensville I don’t know the difference from one to the other…

I have a feeling this new living situation is going to be a long journey… and lots and lots of work.

Isabel Marant: The Benny

Well… it looks like Ms. Marant is releasing a new wedge shoe this season called The Benny. I hadn’t heard about this style anywhere until I just looked on my new fave online shopping spot for IM clothes!

I’m not so sure about this style myself… I’m rarely to ever a fan of wedges (the Bekett sneakers are a total exception because the wedge is not “visible”) so I don’t think I personally will be going after these. But they’re definitely OUT THERE! I can see a lot of people rocking these. 🙂

They’re currently available on Morgan Clare.


I’m currently in the process of getting rid of a lot of clothing and working on a “curated wardrobe.” I’m only in the mental stages, as I want to figure just what aesthetic I’m hoping to achieve when I get rid of all the extraneous clothes from my closet.

Here’s what I’m hoping to have by Fall:

From left: Etoile Isabel Marant Tin Cropped Trousers, 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Muscle Tee, Miu Miu Bow-detailed silk-crepe blouse, Helmut Lang Wool-blend Blazer

These are three of five of my wardrobe colors. I wear gray, blush, nude/cream/tan, royal blue/navy, and black! If I aspire to purchase these and only these items for Fall it might be possible to get them all (though the Marant trousers are likely sold out in my size already). As much as I love looking at prints and people experimenting with texture, etc. I do not feel that I can look polished with all that. I need to keep it minimal and simple for my own personal style.