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A Quick Evaluation of Self

“Don’t you miss me?”
“What’s there to miss?”

“Can we go to Griffith Park like the good ol’ days? Just ‘cus I’m 20 doesn’t mean I can’t be like in the good ol’ days.”
“No, you can come over. But you can’t ask for things. But you can come visit.”

I’m wondering where I went horribly wrong. She called me to ask me how I’m doing with money and if I would like for her to transfer some money to my account. But then I told her I’m not going home because no one ever comes to visit me (since the reason she called was asking why I hadn’t been over in a while). Even my aunt, she called me yesterday to see how I was doing. And she said she misses me, so I told her that if she does she could come visit me. She said no.

This is going to be a year-long grudge. I’ll call them all on their birthdays (except Elvia) to wish them happy birthdays, but I’m not going over to celebrate with them. They didn’t come here to celebrate with me. And George didn’t call me until 7pm. So… whatever. He’ll get a very late phone call from me on his birthday. Year-long grudge. And my grudges usually don’t even last a day.

Her rude remarks followed by my swift goodbyes and then she tells me she loves me, repeatedly. At this moment in time, I don’t love you. You’re such a bitch! Ugh. I’m typing… and I’m getting over it as we speak.

There are two separate topics in this entry, I just realized.

I’m not going home for spring break. I have plenty to do here. So much reading, writing, etccccc. It’s all good. Ugh. I’m okay with her just giving me some money here and there. That’s an okay relationship. It works.

Ugh, geez… I hope there are some YouTube videos to watch to help me lighten up my mood. (: And after all I am going on my super amazing shopping spree come Friday!!! So it is super okay. ^_^

Edit: You know, I was at a park today and I thought of my mom. It made me want to spend time with her. It made me miss my family. I can only take so much negativity. I seriously don’t know where I went wrong.

Lost In The Dark

Instead of silly ramblings describing how tired I am this entry is now edited and will contain pics galore. (:

I spent last night wandering around Westwood after reuniting with my dear friend Chelsey, who I haven’t seen since 9th grade, at UCLA. Naturally, there are pix!

While this photo has nothing to do with Chelsey or anything for that matter, it is an ad I saw in a magazine and I absolutely adore it so I figured I’d just throw it in there:


After watching a movie, these girlies got gangstah:
(Chelsey, Rona)

Rona, and Myself:

CoRONA looking at the menu of the only place open at midnight (Denny’s):



Lol, idk what my bestie is doing, but it’s funny/cute:

Me&Chels, all smiles:

I temp moved to the other side of the booth to take a quick pic with my bestie Rona. I made the Rona Face! lol, I really do love it lots!:

Back at the dorms, we met this cutie named Danny. She has amazingly cute hair:

Rona suggested we go to Alvin’s door and write strange love notes to him. We caught HER red-handed, with that sneaky look on her face:

Very very serious girlies:

But with Rona, I can’t contain my joy:

Then this morning I left UCLA and hung out with my twin aunts, Uncle, and of courseeee Baby Midori:

Here’s a list of all that I did:

  • Walked around Westwood (area near UCLA)
  • Watched The Bank Job
  • Got an icecream cookie sandwich at midnight
  • Ate at Denny’s and had a superamazingawesome conversation with these chicas. No moments of silence, and all laughter. We’re great together.
  • Got back to the dorms at 2am.
  • Met Danny, this super cute girl that definitely looks like an anime character.
  • Watched From Hell in Chelsey’s dorm.
  • Fell asleep in Chelsey’s armsss (lol), while Rona was all alone. Lmao. (;
  • Woke up, and left! ): But promised to go back to hang out. Chelsey also promised to go to UCSB to visit us, too.
  • Went to Auntie Maggie’s house and ate lunch with her and Auntie Meme.
  • Went to Uncle George’s house.
  • Played DDR for an hour.
  • Went to see Nicole’s last basketball game.
  • Back at Mom’s!

Yeyey for fun days of Spring Break. (: Tomorrow will be equally exciting.

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