This Heat

It’s making me nervous how every day feels the same
Meet my phantoms, they never seem to want to go away
So they stay

There have been several real-life to-my-face complaints regarding my blog as of late. Those that have stumbled back to my blog have started asking me why I’m not writing anything with personal denotations. Technically, my entries had personal connotations thrown in, but this seems to not be enough for anyone. I wasn’t sure anyone cared, I wasn’t sure I wanted to write. Scratch that, I was still writing so as not to forget the existence of my blog, but personal matters are the furthest from my mind when it comes to writing right now because it’s what I deal with on the daily.

I found a good place for everyone I know to come and rest
All I ever wanted is for everyone I know to come and rest
Meet my Phantoms

Officially, my third year of college starts in a week and a half though I’ve been a junior for many months now. I’m still very much confused about school but the best action is inaction; I continue to unquestioningly enroll and attend my classes despite not liking the direction I am headed. Given recent developments I want to come back home, take a break from school… do something real. Let’s not get hasty, though. Inaction is the best action.

How’s your body, how clean is your soul?
Why are you trying to steal my thoughts before they talk?
Fall right in, let’s talk Maurice
If everything’s fine, then what are you waiting for?

Summer flew me by. Many problems arose. Lots of hangs went down. Transient accomplishments. Vague emotions. Music discoveries. And a heavy dose of forced independence.

Let’s end with: A strong sense of helplessness.

(It’s all about waiting it out.)

An Unexpected Mini-Vacation

Let me start off by first saying, before I forget, that I do not like the Quantum of Solace 007 theme song, at all. Maybe it’ll grow on me or it will match the movie but for now nonono.

Alright so Friday night we went to Yamashiro up in the mountains near the Magic Castle hotel to celebrate my twin aunts’ birthday! Their birthday isn’t until Thursday but I was planning on leaving back to Santa Barbara on Saturday so I asked nicely if we could celebrate early. (: I love that restaurant! The first and only other time I went there was for my birthday in 2007. The food is amazing, the restaurant so pretty and the view from up in the mountains is great. I think all of us thoroughly enjoyed our food ‘cus everyone practically cleaned their plates of food! Hah.

Anyway, yeah… I woke up really late on Saturday, like around 11 when my Aunt Elvia got back from work and she was like, “Oh… so I thought you were going to leave today but you’re still in bed.” Haha… so she made me breakfast and said she made plans to go visit Joel in Mexico and I was free to come with her. Go back to school, or down to Mexico for the weekend? The choice was obvious…

Joel has a 52ft Beneteau in Ensenada at The Marina Coral. That’s a sail boat, btw. He custom ordered it from France and I think those cost almost a million dollars… o_o I had never seen his boat and I definitely wanted to go sailing. (;

So Elvia, Meme, and I left Saturday afternoon around 4pm and go to Ensenada a bit before 8pm. We stayed at Hotel Coral and the Marina is just behind the hotel. The hotel – wow! I mean it’s not quite a five-star but it’s probably the closest thing that part of Mexico has to a luxury hotel. The moment you check in they offer you champagne and are so very friendly! The amenities are many and so fun~ And our room! Wow, lemme tell you I sure was surprised that the room was something up to par to a hotel room in Las Vegas. (: For the price the room was huge and it felt like an apartment. Loved it~ We’ll definitely be going back!

We had dinner with Joel that evening and just basically relaxed for a while after talking it up real friendly style. (: The next morning we woke up, had breakfast and then went on the docks to get on Joel’s boat!

So like I said he has a Beneteau, and lol… he named her Transformer. (: Such a pretty boat!! Preparing for a sailing trip sure takes a while. You can to remove all the covers, do all this stuff with the ropes, and etc. Though, Joel’s boat has three bedrooms, two guest and the last is a master, but all three have their own restrooms. The wood finish on the place still smells like new and it’s so great. I reallyyyy want my own boat now. Though it is real hard to do everything… meep.

We made a few good tacks and at one point we were going 8 knots SOG (speed over ground) with wind speed of 10 knots. We were almost going the speed of the wind. (: It was a great day! I helped out a little bit, too. Sailing really was such a relaxing experience! I never did want to leave the boat but we had to leave eventually.

We got back and came to mi madre’s house, where we all slept over and watched movies. ^_^ It was fun! The weekend was great, really.

And lol… apparently now I am not leaving until tomorrow… hehehe. I’ve just been having too much fun here at home that even though I love my apartment I don’t want to go back! 0:

Birthdays Galore!

Aunt Elvia – August 25
Uncle Brian – August 29
Mom – September 11
Uncle George – September 16
Twin Aunts – September 25

It’s been a pretty exciting/hectic/expensive time o’ the year. We’ve been going out to dinner a lot lately. But good stuff. (: Geez, I love my family so much. They’re so amazingly funny! I love it~

Saturday night I went to a Nightwish concert. ZOMGZ. Epic epic epic! And what do you know? Sonata Arctica opened. Freaking aaaamazing! But I definitely miss Tarja. ): New vocalist girly can’t go as high as Tarja could, and her voice is a little bit more pitchy. Blah and they didn’t perform Planet Hell or Nemo, but they still played a ton of great songs~!! (: Loved it so much. Rona and I went together. YAYYY.

Sunday we went to the LA County Fair!! AHHH Mom and I got on this bungee jumping-like ride. Lmao, you had to sign this waiver if in case anything happens to you and ugh the ride was $25 per person. Like forreal. But anyway, it was so much fun!! And they have a microphone on the ride so people down below can hear you screaming. Everyone said something funny so I had to, too. I yelled out, “I love you Jesus!” pretending to be all fuhreaking scared. People laughed. (: Goal accomplished. And they also record you! Hahaha… we got the DVD. It’s pretty hilarious.

There was also a concert there… Jaguares. Spanish rock. It was aites. There were *so* many people… it was a bit overwhelming! And everyone was so loud and way into it. I had fun, though!

UGH… I’m watching the news right now. =\ Stocks plummeted today. DOW down by 500 points! The stocks went down so badly… it hasn’t gone down as badly since 9/11. An international bank went bankrupt today! I feel honestly sad for my country’s economy. Thousands of those bank employees have lost their jobs, too. It’s so awful how from one day to the other things changed so badly. Merrill Lynch though merged with Bank of America though so that bank is safe.

Imagine whoever had huge investments into Lehmann… they’re now bankrupt, too. All your stocks, and all the money invested – gone. Their stock is worth 21 cents now… =\

I wish I knew more about business and financial matters. I want to be a worldly person, whatever that means… There is life outside my day to day insignificant life. And I want the bigger picture. Some times I want to get involved in politics, too. Ah, dream big. But the problem with that is that I’d feel I’m not making a big impact.

There’s change and impact in helping a person at a time, too. A helping profession. That’s my future.

Lalala. AHHHH I love my family. And I can’t wait for the school year to start again! (: Hahaha I say this now, but once the year starts I’m going to be stressed and so over it. Haha.



Known for my love of pushups, I have decided to take the 100 Pushup Challenge. Quite randomly Edgar decided to tell me about this challenge that he started up on Tuesday and I have joined him, starting today. It will take approximately six weeks, but by the end of it I should (hopefully) be able to do one hundred consecutive push-ups. It sounds like a dream come true, right? Just thinking about it makes me happy inside. *giggles* I’m eager to get started on this.

Admittedly, my core body strength is probably at an all-time low given how many push-ups I did during the initial test. Uhm, that number will remain confidential because otherwise I’ll feel endless shame. I take this sort of stuff seriously. I’ve done my pushups for today. I think this first week I’m going to do them on consecutive days so that I don’t throw off my weeks by splitting them in half (because I’m starting on a Thursday and you should do it every other day).

Today is my mother’s 38th birthday. Considering I’m 19, she’s still pretty darn young. I love that about her, though. I actually got to experience the years of my mother’s youth. I saw her youthful beauty, got to see her live her life, and we actually got to do stuff. I mean parents that are currently about 50 something had their children in their 30s and well by that age, you’re just sort of tired and done having fun or somethin’.

So, I’ve been making it a point to watch TV. Hah… So, I’m watching 90210, ANTM, (maybe Privileged), Fringe, and (maybe) True Blood. Thank goodness for DVR! I can’t watch them all at the same time yannoe. And usually I’m busy at night exercising and stuff so it’s good to come back and watch those shows while you’re dripping in sweat. Well okay so I don’t sweat that intensely, but it feels better sitting down in front of the TV ~after~ working out. Makes it feel less unhealthy. (:

New task: I need to learn to be happy for others without thinking how it affects me.