It’s All Around Us

Soooo… I’m in one of those non-write-y kind of moods. Yep. List.

  • Got really angry this morning. Made it a point to discuss it with person I had issue with and it is now resolved. Yey communication skills!
  • I had Japanese from 8am to 11 today. And I will have Japanese everyday Monday through Friday from 8 to 11. Yeah. That’s a long time. … We will have a quiz everyday except tomorrow we have two quizzes. And we have three homework assignments a night… they each take about an hour…
  • Worked today at the office doing office hours. Then had ASPB Meeting. (yeyeyy aspb and money~)
  • Had class from 5 to 7. Class in which I will be reading Dante’s Divine Comedy.
  • Homework from 7:30 to 9.

… my life is oooover. ^_^; Thank goodness these classes are only three weeks long each. Though… that means that each day we learn a week’s worth of material. No joke. I might die. ): And ugh start ze second job tomorrow. And I work ASPB Movie tomorrow… though that just consists of watching a movie and getting paid to do it. (: Lol.

Mmkies, gotta finish studying for the two Japanese quizzes tomorrow. Vocab troubles me so. I have such a hard time remembering all the ru-verbs. U-verbs come so much more naturally to me… isn’t that weird? *shrugs*

Off to see the wizard… the wonderful wizard of oz… I keep singing that thanks to Quinny baby. ): And ugh that awful stuuuupid song American Boy plays randomly in my head, too.

UCSA the last five days was aaaaaamazing! 😀


Don’t be silly – life’s just exciting.

Wow. I am so incredibly tired. It’s been a long day at UC Berkeley for UC Student Congress 2008. We flew in yesterday night, took a couple HUNDRED pictures (seriously, no joke), went to bed close to 2:30am, and then I woke up at 7:30am. ): I’m so tired of lacking sleep. For the first time in my life I actually appreciate sleep! Woah, I’m getting old.

New friends, lots of inspiration, so many ways to make a difference. This conference is until Sunday. Good stuff. Except I’m so damn tired!!

Ooh my friend Mark from high-school attends Cal and he’s here for the summer so we’ll probably be hanging out sometime tomorrow or Saturday. (: Yeyey!

Argh man… I have so many entries to type up… I don’t even feel like it. ): SOOO much work. It’s past the half year mark and I can’t believe NOW I’m getting lazy with this daily routine. It’s not even that hard. ):

Classes start Monday for me. I’m pretty stressed. My class schedule is way crazy. And two jobs. And just overall busy life. *sigh* Whatever, I don’t like to discuss THIS on my blog. I’m sensitive about it. Hahaha…

Night ya’ll.

Some pics for your entertainment:

Me, Quinn, Paulina

Quinn, Mayra (top), Me (bottom), Paulina

Mayra (top left), Quinn, Me, Paulina

Aww, love QUINN so much!!! And Paulina is so mod and cute. Looool @ her doing “call me ;)”. And aww Mayra didn’t really feel up to taking that many pics. Psssh.

Through the monsoon just me and you.

Love is dead.

I’m totally lovin’ Tokio Hotel right now, btw. Thank goodness for cute German boyz. (: Reminds me I really want to re-learn German. It’s so easy and I can say stuff … right-like. I mean honestly, the only thing stopping me from learning French is the fact that uh… I don’t know how to sound pretentious and cool-like the way they do. Rona has it down pat though. *laughs* Dunno why that chica is taking Spanish this summer if she misses French so much. Then again yesterday someone spoke to her in Spanish and she went, “WHAT?!” Lulz-worthy. I had to do some intervention there… oh, that was funny. (It was also funny when Rona missed a step and rattled the trash can by the stairs… hahaha)… xD

Uh yes! So anyway, German. That was over two years ago. Wow. I’ve forgotten most of my vocabulary fo’ sho, but reading it is so eassssyy breezy. Pronouncing stuff is second nature, though. Frau Mullen hat mich gut gelehrt. (Mrs. Mullen taught me well.)

Baby, it’s summer.

There’s a renewed sense of vigor lingering in the air. Can you taste the sweetness?

Activities and hobbies that I partook in last summer are giving me a fever. Lulz. Anyway… so like… last summer I participated in a book club (anddd made my own) and slowly I’ve been feeling like going back to it. Then this morning as I got my Borders Monthly something-or-other I couldn’t stand it anymore and went back. I cannot wait for the August read (which is being voted on now), but I might just participate in the July read as well. The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Though I am a lil’ torn because the author wrote No Country For Old Men (shit shouldn’t even be underlined, that’s how much I hate it). I feel very negatively towards that movie (which should not have too strong an impression on the novel as it might be yannoe, different, but I’m biased). There’s a sense of accomplishment just in logging back in to the forum and catching up.

And o’ course I’m also talking about being back on Aelyria… which was so last summer… (hah, that sounds bad). It’s the stuff made of summer love.

Hey, I want to take a micro-economics class. My success grade-wise is not guaranteed, but it sure does interest me. And I also want to take this particular Soc class everyone at UCSB should take… *ahem* No details disclosed.

Do you think I’m in love with you? Have no doubt, I am.

And I Won’t Lie.

Yeah, I won’t lie… I don’t really feel like writing an entry today. There isn’t much to say. Today was fun. I mean yannoe… that’s kinda boring/plain/typical… etc. I was a lil’ busy doing some stuffs until I realized it’s almost midnight and I have yet to blog. Though I have gone exactly half the year… and only missed one post! That’s something, I think.

Truth be told… I’m really sleep. Lack of sleep is making me look like death. And why I’m not asleep right now when I know I have to wake up in a few hours, I don’t know.

ASPB meeting today was sooo chill and awesome. Wow I remember the total transition from “Wtf is ASPB?” to “I’m not sure I like ASPB” to “I hate ASPB with all my guts” to “Holy shit I love ASPB!” … weird. I’m in love with it… gives me something to do and helps me fulfill some of my life dreams fo’ sho. Not everyone gets to attend bomb ass meetings to decide what bands you want to play at your school? And for the summer I get to pick ‘n’ choose what movies I want to play for free at IV Theater to all the college kiddies. And I get paid to do this. What more could I want from my college years?

Oh! I get the keys to my apartment on Wednesday! S’pretty tight, I guess. Looking forward to that~ Though I have to go back home on Wednesday afternoon… and stay home until Friday/Saturday when I can bring all my shit to SB. Wow, I love being my own person free of any restrictions imposed by ze mother.

Hopefully this is coherent… I’m so sleepy. ): I think going to sleep is like wasting my day… and even when I sleep typically I wake up 5-6 hours later so it also gives the appearance that I’m constantly awake. Uh, I don’t know how that’s relevant to anything but I’m just so tired…