My Eyes Wander For Help

It’s hitting me kind of hard, this lack of inspiration. I let too much time pass in between layouts that there is no consistent need to store ideas for the next. There’s a notebook of mine… and I still have it… where I would sketch layout ideas and imagine the prettiest things. And then once I got a hold of the idea I made it happen. Simple as that. If there was any code I wasn’t familiar with for the layout to work, well I would learn it and master it so that it worked. But you know the problem? I’ve been making blog layouts too long. I haven’t been able to break the mold in so long!

Maybe before Heart-strutter.org gets a new layout I’ll make a layout for that other domain of mine… the new one… yeah, the one I haven’t used yet. -_-; It sits there looking real new and shiny and I sit back and watch the dust collect. Sowwy! ):

Ugh, I almost feel like I have to start looking around at other domains to see what’s currently ‘in’ but I find myself so attracted to German personal sites and blah they’re so damn creative, and photography is a real big thing with ’em as well as that really ‘indie’ look. Geez, I don’t even know how to describe the current trends. ):

My goal tomorrow (not today because I have to study real hardcore today), is to make a layout for that other domain. ^_^ Frames!! Yes… that’s exactly what I’ll use. Yaaay! Though I know I lag so bad on the coding… and I’m also sort of running out of creative ways to use ze CSS. You know, for Heart-strutter I pretty much paste my own CSS over and over and over? That’s so damn booooring!

What I need is a fresh canvas and a new css style sheet devoid of my previous inspirations. A new artistic start you know?

[Btw: I successfully made chocolate covered strawberries yesterday! ^-^ The key word is ‘successfully’ – uh… I am of strong opinion that I don’t really know how to cook/make anything lolol]

I’m tempted to make one of those huuuuge to-do lists right now. There’s a lot to do and I might forget. >_< Okok offffff I go! Baibai.

Version 11

Outright sucks. Not gonna lie. This is the most temporary layout uh… ever! Threw this shit together in an hour. I’m working on cleaning out my layout CSS since I have a tendency to re-use it. I’ll be re-coding a new layout soon, from scratch. My goal is to get a new layout up by this weekend! Let’s hope my inspiration does not falter. ๐Ÿ˜€

The X’08 Line-up Revealed

The line-up for Extravaganza 2008 is as follows:




Blue Scholars.

Out of State.

I’m so glad to say that all the booking is DONE! (: The huge poster that fell from Storke Plaza today was nothing short of amazingggg!

On another, separate note I joined Command Shift 3 a while back… well not that long ago, but a bit ago. And I’ve started to get ratings~ Oh, exciting. The summary of my site is here. Thanks to Jon Tan for letting me know about Command Shift 3.

Just got back from math midterm. I think it went well except for the last problem… ugh. UGH! Why!? If it is wrong (which I’m pretty sure it is) then the highest I can get is a B on the midterm. Talk about depressing. Whatever, I’m over it! (Ok not really, eh.)

Day 2 (or 3?) of sadness. I wonder if I should keep a mood journal of some sort. So exhausted.

Reminder to self: Check on PC to see if I own song Torn by Natalie Imbruglia. (:

My Real Post For The Day

Wow, I’ve been accidentally sending twitters today making test posts on the localhost version of WordPress (I use xampp). The plugins that I use on my actual domain are also on the test wordpress site so that everything can be mimicked and coded the way it would be on my domain.

Alright, I have spent two days coding this new layout, paying very close attention to detail. Though, I had started coding this layout a loooong time ago… I just stopped after getting down the basics. At least I know this new layout is probably going to be up for a very long time… ugh, like always. Anyway, the design is (once again) mostly CSS, but I’ve tried to add a lot of images here and there to spice it up a bit. Lolol.

Why is it that certain people always offer the same thing? Geez, I can’t get specific ‘cus… (but regards ในใ‚“ใใ‚‡ใ†ใ™ใ‚‹) So there we go!

Been talking to Elizabeth a LOT lately. Good stuff. She calls me her other half ‘cus I can finish her sentences for her, and we just get each other. Magical. We’re still different people, but there’s a certain level of understanding I don’t think anyone else could even dream of attaining. I love her to pieces. Now, if only she were a guy we’d be set for life. lolol that’s what we used to tell each other anyway. She’s got a boyfriend. ): Haha.

Okay forreal. Study time!!!!!

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