The Now.

If I don’t write this now I won’t write this at all.

Right now I’ve just gotten home and already switched into an oversized t-shirt to take a nap in. It’s not that I’m completely weary because all I’ve done today is sit at my desk and work work work. But I feel sort of lethargic. My energy levels are low and I can feel my eyelids weighing heavily on me.

I also feel this heavy weight once again stemming from conflicting things.

I haven’t been eating as much lately so I’m not overly preoccupied with requiring exercise… but at the same time I won’t tone/feel as good if I go without.

Then you know, starting some new Coursera course as per usual… and there’s that episode of Silicon Valley from last night I want to watch.

But those things are out of the question. It’s either nap or exercise. Why not both? At 6 I have to be in Long Beach for our book club meeting. But I also really feel like washing my hair since I washed my hair YESTERDAY morning. And then yannoe my hair starts to look sort of separated and it has less body and then I just don’t feel as on point. So I have three hours to recharge my energy levels and get ready to go out and expend that energy.

And I want to get there a little early (though I know that’s a major stretch) just so I can get a little personal reading done before our meeting… but I cannot conceivably squeeze energy out of a short-lived nap.

It’s work. It’s draining me. It’s depressing me. But I don’t complain anymore. It’s just… it’s work. It’s whatever. I get no fulfillment out of it. I always dreamt of a life in which I would live & breathe for the fulfillment from a career. This just isn’t the right time to question my career path. Money is a cruel necessity. So I work. Without question. Without any fuss. Just work. Make the mountains of paperwork disappear.

But I think it’s taking its toll on me.

In five minutes it will be 3pm. And by then I have to prepare to close my eyes and force myself to nap. Though sleep comes majorly easy to me. I appreciate that at least.

Oh! And Raquel is making a flash trip into town tomorrow from Fresno. We have a lunch date for Indian food. We both lovelove it. So again tomorrow I may go without exercise.

But Wednesday! I have a jogging date with Elizabeth. I’m hoping she’ll have enough energy to pushhhhhh. Also I hope it’s not too fucking hot on Wednesday.

On Friday I have a concert with my brother in Pomona.

When did I start being so short on time? Fuck. It’s all I ever write about. And I mean, I do a lot. But I could be doing a lot more. Subtle difference.

This past weekend I watched Maleficent at El Capitan theater. Fantastic movie. Also hung out with book club last night, too, for Game of Thrones and a board game. We’re board game addicts these days. It keeps me outta trbl I think. Lmao.

Okok. 3 on the dot. NAP TIME.

Some Easy Laughs

Originally posted on TheTheologiansCafe:

A woman posted the following message on an Apple discussion forum:

“Please help! I took my husband’s i-phone and found a raunchy picture of him attached to an e-mail to a woman in his sent e-mail file (a Yahoo account). When I approached him about this (I think that he is cheating on me) he admitted that he took the picture but says that he never sent it to anyone. He claims that he went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and they told him that it is an i-phone glitch: that photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? The future of my marriage depends on this answer!”  Here is the link:  Link

Would you divorce your spouse if you caught him/her sending raunchy photos of himself/herself to a person of the opposite sex?

The funny part about this (not the cheating) is the actual Discussion Thread on Apple.com. Oh goodness I couldn’t stop laughing… and I had to show Rony bby because she thought I was still really depressed. Well, I am, but … I can have some laughs anyway. ^_^ People are hilarious. And to prove this point, lovely Amazon to da rescue~

Originally brought to my attention by Jenny, here is a fantastic product from Amazon.com! The product itself is funny, sure~ but look @ the comments!! xD Hahaha… goodness I love funny people.

Today I… (sounds like one of those elementary school prompts)

  • Got lost for about 2 hrs
  • Got lost again, and walked in circles twice
  • Was sorely disappointed by the eventual closing of the Circuit City in Santa Barbara. There are no Best Buys or anything… where will I go!?!?!?
  • Found what I was looking for in like 10 seconds (after spending like 3 hours lost)
  • Got a good amount of sunlight, for which I am happy!

What have I learned? Not eating for 4 days really makes you all… non-clear-thinker-status. But, to be fair 4 days is wrong. I had a liiil’ bit of oatmeal this morning and half an apple. The apple was strangely… easy to bite but still crunchy! It was magical and unlike any apple I’ve tasted before. Unfortunately I still can’t really eat so I couldn’t eat much of the apple anyway. I had to spit out some of it and throw it away. Why nooo appetite?! What be wrong wit me?!

OMG! I was almost about to press Publish without talking about Twilight!!!! I saw it last night (oh goodness always alone, though… I need more friendz that don’t *just* party and drink away their woes). Okay first of all, the director whoever s/he may be… was AWFUL. The shots were all so AWKWARD and made everyone look really bad. Plus, no one could act. No oneeeee. However, to balance all this awfulness at least Dr. Cullen (*dies*) was HOTHOTHOT! And Edward Cullen? To. Die. For. Kristen Stewart, alright admittedly, she’s not ugly… and I really do like her with dark eyeliner (i.e. not in the movie) but ughhh she was so awkward with Robert Pattinson.

Okay so overall: If you’ve read the books the whole thing is like one big inside joke. If you haven’t read the books… you’re gonna hate it. ^_^;

On my way back to my apartment I saw a Program Boardie and lulz she was drunkkkk… and we play-argued over Edward. Lmao, except she was saying things like, “I wanted to fuck him right then and there” and *laughs awkwardly* she was doing some rather suggestive movement. (; Lmaooo… I didn’t go that far. I just laughed and went on my way. Oh, drunk people, good for one thing: entertainment.

I sound so much happier right now. YAY SUN. YAY… getting lost/exercise? O_o “YAY ME!” as Brenda Song likes to say!

Day of Sun

What a day! My Sunday began quite strangely. I was working on one of my sites late into the night, being productive! and all that… when I received a wonderful text message from my lovely Steve. The boy does know how to surprise and amaze. To be just a tad more specific it was a love message with an angsty photo of him that had the “I’m missing you” look in his eyes. A love song was attached and played in the background. How very romantic, yes?

Afterward I got on the phone with Elizabeth♥ my best friend and true love of my life. *hugs her* We had been texting, but it definitely was not enough so I suggested she call me and even though she refused at first she did eventually. We talked for nearly two hours, into the early early hours of the morning. I love this girl! She’s an amazing friend, and a gorgeous person inside and out. Most definitely.

And even though I went to bed late… I awoke at 6:30am after only three hours of sleep! What is the deal with that? Awkward sleeping patterns, sadly. I went back to sleep and then woke up at 10am. And while I’m being time-specific, I got a call from Steve at 12:30. *hugs*

Plans later tonight with ze Ronadear & Nefertiti. I’m looking forward to it! (: It feels like I haven’t hung out with Rona for two weeks, and the feeling is right because it’s true.

It’s time to rekindle those three friendships that slowly were starting to wither these past two weeks!

Breathe easy.

Are You Telling Me That You Will Listen?

Here’s a picture of my lip piercing (and yeah, slightly swollen, atm, but irl you can’t really tell) (click it to see larger):


I went home AGAIN this weekend. I slept over at Auntie Meme’s place on Friday night. She watched episodes of shows she recorded while I chatted with Elizabeth, first on the phone, and then online. I recall chatting with some other people, but I just don’t know who I was talking to anymore. My memories fade really fast, sadly. I went to bed at midnight, which is kinda early. Anyway, I got two calls after I slept, one at 1:20 and the other at 1:40… but I was already asleep. I don’t remember this at all, but my aunt said she handed me my cell and I replied, “No, I’m too sleepy.” You can talk to me when I sleep if you say my name, but I won’t remember a single thing in the morning! It’s sort of scary because I might say something without meaning to… eek. AH! I just remembered something from overa year ago… sadness.

Saturday, I attended baby Alex’s 2 year birthday party. Afterward I was pretty exhausted so I took a two-hour nap. Then I met up with Alba at her house. We went to Universal Citywalk and ate dinner at Tu Tu Tango. There was live music and dancing outside, but we felt too shy to dance out there. Instead we watched Rendition. (: Ooh, and I got a new jacket from Hard Rock Cafe. It’s black with pretty pink-ish skulls on the back. Lolol, it’s so me. As the night ended I went back to her house and slept over.

Today she dropped me off at Universal Citywalk and there I met up with Rona. We watched Saw IV♥. I got a delicious pretzel afterward while Rona got a churro. We stopped by The Sock Market (or whatevz it’s called) where I was really tempted to buy lots of cute socks, but I didn’t because they were all mostly size 9-11… and that fits sizes 5.5 to 10. Uhm, well I wear size 3-5… so you can see my dilemma. =\ Entering Hot Topic was fun because all the employees were wearing costumes. (: Rona got Coffeebean afterward. Uh… after some time of walking around her mother came to pick us up and we left to the train station in Van Nuys.

I’m back in my dorm. I met Sharon’s sister, Melissa. She seems really nice. (: I had dinner today with Rona, Tibi, Daniel, Nikita (he’s Russian), and Tyler. It was the bestest most fun meal ever. Having guy friends is infinitely more fun than having girl friends. And, Rona and I now have a secret with each other. Hahah… if you read this on my xanga, shh! (;

Some things are undeniable… and I so badly want to admit something to myself, but I won’t allow it.
The end(: